Where the 2016 Presidential Candidates Went to School

This elections 2016 Presidential Candidates are fighting tooth and nail for the prestigious honor to represent the United States of America. They stand in front the entire nation as great candidates, but how did they begin this path to the presidential bid? Below are hints of the educational backgrounds which led them to where they stand today—the quest for Presidency. Take a look at where the 2016 Presidential Candidates went to school.

Bernard “Bernie” Sanders--Democrat

Independent/Democrat Bernie Sanders graduated from James Madison High School in Brooklyn. He went on to further his studies at the University of Chicago. In 1964, he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science

A Bachelor of Arts degree in political science at the University of Chicago gives you the option to study for a career in government, business, journalism, education or non-profit organizations. A PhD in social sciences or to professional school in business, law, international relations, or public policy is also possible.

Donald Trump—Republican

Republican Donald Trump graduated from the New York Military Academy, a military and prep school founded in 1889. He then went on to study at the University of Pennsylvania/Wharton School of Business. He graduated in 1968 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and Anthropology.

The Wharton School was the first business school in the Nation. It now awards Bachelor of Science in Economics degrees at the undergraduate level and Master of Business Administration degrees at the postgraduate level.

Joseph “Joe” Biden, Jr.--Democrat

Joe Biden graduated with a double major at the University of Delaware. He took honors with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Political Science. Vice-President Biden received his Juris Doctor in 1968 at Syracuse University College of Law.

The University of Delaware offers the Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics. The school provides an online MBA in three concentrations: Finance, International Business and a dual MBA in Finance and International Business. They are accredited by the AACSB International,

Syracuse University has been providing online courses since 1993 enabling students from all over the world to experience high-quality, graduate level opportunities at one of the best schools in the nation.

John “Jeb” Bush--Republican

Republican Jeb Bush went to Andover (Phillips Academy Andover) one of America's most exclusive prep schools, founded in 1778, a Massachusetts boarding school. He then went on to college at the University of Texas in Austin and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Latin American Studies.

The University of Texas at Austin offers courses that are On-Demand, allowing for the ultimate online experience for its students needs. There is a variety of bachelor’s and master’s degree programs to choose from. The Master of Business Administration Online (MBAO) allows you to choose from two options: the General Management Degree or the General Management Degree with Finance Emphasis. Accreditation comes from the AACSB and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

Hillary Clinton--Democrat

Democrat Hillary Clinton graduated from Maine South High School, in a suburb of Chicago.

She then attended Wellesley College in 1969, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and departmental honors in Political Science. Wellesley College is the highest ranking, private, and women’s liberal arts college in the United States. Consisting of four sub-fields, the degree in political science studies is an intense study through American politics and law, international relations, comparative politics and political theory and is designed to train the students to develop critical thinking skills about local, national and global politics. Hillary continued her higher education at Yale Law School and in 1973, received a Juris Doctor (J.D.) from Yale. Yale University remains as one of the most prestigious colleges, with an acceptance rate of only 9 percent. United States Presidents Gerald Ford and Bill Clinton also graduated from Yale.

Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz --Republican

Republican Ted Cruz graduated from the religious Second Baptist School in Houston, Texas. He then went into higher education at Princeton University, Graduating cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Public Policy in 1992

The Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs is a one-year Masters in Public Policy program also referred to as an MPP. The MPP program is designed for policy professionals who have a minimum of seven years of public or non-profit sector work experience. The School allows only 15 to 25 MPP students per year.

Michael “Mike” Huckabee--Republican

Michael Huckabee graduated magna cum laude Bachelor’s in Religion at Ouachita Baptist University. This is a college deeply rooted in the Christian faith. There is a Bachelor of Arts degree in Christian Studies where some courses are requires such as, Spiritual Formation, World Religions, Christian Ethics, Biblical Preaching and many more.

Dr. Randal “Rand” Paul--Republican

Dr. Randal Paul studied Biology and English from 1981 to 1984 at Baylor University, but did not graduate with a degree in either field. He was however accepted into Duke University’s School of Medicine despite not having an undergraduate degree which was not a requirement at the time, but is today. He graduated with an M.D. in 1988.

Duke School of Medicine’s innovative curriculum is regarded as one of the top ten medical schools in the country. Through a condensed structured training from four years to three, students learn the core basic sciences their first year and the second year they complete core clinical clerkships. Their entire third year is devoted to scholarly investigation. The fourth year can be used to earn a second degree such as an MBA, Master of Public Health or Master of Science in addition to their Doctor of Medicine degree.

Dr. Ben Carson-Republican

Republican Ben Carson graduated from Southwestern High School, Detroit. He then went on to complete his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology by 1973 at Yale University. Founded in 1701, Yale University is one of the most difficult colleges to get accepted into, with only 9 percent receiving acceptance. Dr. Carson received his M.D. at University of Michigan Medical School.

The University of Michigan is located in Ann Arbor. The Medical School is ranked as one of the top medical schools in the nation according to U.S. News & World Report.

Located in Ann Arbor, The University of Michigan Medical School is ranked as one of the top medical schools in the country for research and primary care by U.S. News & World Report. Their students graduate to become leaders in their chosen fields and become top residency candidates.

Richard “Rick” Perry—Republican

Richard Perry studied at Texas A & M University and graduated in 1972 with a Bachelor Degree in Animal Science. The Animal Science Department at Texas A & M University remains one of the largest and most complex departments in animal science across the country. The Department of Animal Science offers undergraduate and graduate programs that cover topics such as, meat science, dairy science, sheep and goats, food science and technology and animal behavior to name a few.

Christopher “Chris” Christie--Republican

Republican Chris Christie graduated from Livingston High School, New Jersey. He then went on to study at the University of Delaware and graduated in 1984 with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. He furthered his education by attending Seton Hall University’s School of Law and received a J.D. in 1987.

Seton Hall Law School, founded in 1951, is the only private law schools in New Jersey. It is one of the top-ranked law schools in the country. The Juris Doctor program requires 88 credit hours with around 3 year to complete the program. Seton Hall Law offers a Master of Laws (LL.M.) in Health Law, Master of Laws (LL.M.) in Intellectual Property Law, and Master of Science in Jurisprudence (M.S.J.) degrees.

Lindsey Graham--Republican

Lindsey Graham earned a J.D. in Law in 1981 from University of South Carolina. The School of Law at the University of South Carolina offers a 90 hour curriculum taken over six semesters as a full-time day Juris Doctor program. Students receive the option to complete their work on a J.D., and obtain a graduate degree by earning a dual degree in programs such as International Business, Criminology and Criminal Justice, Social Work, Human Resources, and Journalism and Mass Communications.

Marco Rubio--Republican

Republican Marco Rubio graduated from South Miami High School. He went into higher learning at the University of Florida and graduated in 1993 with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science degree. To further his education he attended University of Miami Law School and graduated with a J.D. degree cum laude from the University Of Miami School Of Law in 1996.

The University of Miami offers students the opportunity to combine their J.D. degree with a master’s degree in communications, public health, marine affairs, business administration or music business. Students also may choose a joint J.D. /LL.M. program in which they can complete both degree programs in only seven semesters in the areas of international arbitration, international law, taxation, real property development and ocean and coastal law.

Cara Carleton “Carly” Fiorina—Republican

Republican Carly Fiorina attended both public and private schools including the exclusive Channing School in London and a school in Ghana. She finally graduated from Charles E. Jordan High School, a public school in Durham, North Carolina. She went on to study at Stanford University where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Medieval History in 1976.

Stanford’s Center for Medieval and Early Modern Studies department offers a number of programs and courses related to medieval and early modern studies. There are several B.A. in History tracks to follow: General History, Global Affairs and World History, History, Philosophy and the Arts, History of Science and Medicine, History and Law, and Public History/Public Service.

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