X-Ray Tech Salary

Professional satisfaction in just about every field depends on several factors. Individuals that choose the career of an X-ray technician benefit from workplace stability and the satisfaction stemming from helping patients. How about the salaries of X-ray technicians? Are they competitive enough?

Though the salary isn’t the only factor determining for career satisfaction, it plays an important role. Anyone who’s considering a career in the field of X-ray technology should first research the salary averages and whether these are expected to increase in the years to come.

US X-Ray Technician Salary Overview

Many X-ray technicians in the US work on an hourly basis, PayScale.com reports. These professionals earn an average hourly salary of 18 dollars. The most experienced and reputable X-ray technicians can expect to make up to 27.06 dollars per hour (40.76 dollars per hour for overtime work).

When it comes to annual salaries, the median is 42,160 dollars. The best-paid professionals in the field will earn up to 58,128 dollars. Needless to say, experience matters. X-ray technicians that have more than 20 years of experience are the ones that enjoy the best payments.

The payments also vary by state. Some of the best paid X-ray technicians in the US work in Massachusetts , New Jersey , New York and Maryland . The lowest hourly payments are obtained by X-ray technicians in West Virginia , Mississippi , South Dakota and Arkansas .

Canada X-Ray Technicians Salary Overview

X-ray technicians in Canada are better paid than their American counterparts.

The part-time X-ray technicians can expect to earn an hourly average of 29 Canadian dollars, PayScale.com reports. The most experienced professionals in the field will earn up to 40 dollars per hour and the fee for overtime work will reach up to 59.62 dollars per hour.

The median annual X-ray technician salary in Canada is 55,971 Canadian dollars. Some of the most experienced professionals in this field can expect to earn up to 83,537 dollars. Individuals that have at least a decade of experience will earn approximately 15 per cent more than the national average.

Most Important Factors Impacting the Salaries of X-Ray Technicians

By this point, you may already be wondering about what it would take to access the highest X-ray technician salaries in the US and Canada . As already mentioned, several factors affect the amounts that these professionals earn. Geographic location and experience are two of the most vital factors.

On top of these two characteristics, several other essentials make it possible for certain professionals in the field of radiologic technology to earn more than others.

X-ray technicians that have additional skills are much better paid. Some of the additional skills worth acquiring include the ability to make CT scans or mammograms. Such additional qualifications can be obtained through participation in courses, which will result in a quick career boost.

Choosing the right employer will also be determining for the amount you’re getting paid. Each healthcare facility and medical institution has its specific salary policy. X-ray technicians working in diagnostic imaging centres are the ones that earn the most. They are followed by the professionals working in a college, a scientific research facility and a specialty hospital. The X-ray technicians that work in doctor’s offices are the ones that earn the smallest hourly wages.

Finally, the work schedule will have to be taken in consideration. Full-time X-ray technicians get access to the best career growth opportunities. These professionals also tend to earn more than the X-ray technicians that are employed on a part-time or hourly model. A busy schedule and overtime hours will always contribute to attractive and competitive payments for professionals in the field.

Career Outlook

Here are some additional good news for the people that would like to pursue a career in the field of radiologic technology – the demand for such professionals is expected to grow in the years to come. As the demand goes up, the salaries of X-ray technicians will also increase.

According to Bureau of Labour Statistics data, the demand for X-ray technicians in the US will increase by 21 per cent in the years from 2012 to 2022. The figure is much higher than the expected average increase for all other professions.

Aging Western populations and the prevalence of chronic diseases are two of the factors that will push the demand for medical professionals up. In addition, many of the healthcare service providers will retire in the years to come, opening up work places for young X-ray technology experts.

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