30 Best of the Best Online High School Programs

Sometimes traditional high school doesn’t work. Online high schools are now plentiful as a great alternative for students and families who need a learning method which does work. Online schools offer flexibility, self-directed education. Whether it is a teen or an adult who wishes to get there high school diploma, the customization of an online … Read more

Best Online Programs Master’s in Public Health

Public health is a field that continues to grow and the demand for experienced professionals is constantly increasing. Individuals that specialise in the niche are the ones that deal with complex public health service provision issues. They’re responsible for making healthcare easily accessible, reducing risks and hazards and doing effective infectious control. Getting a bachelor’s degree … Read more

Best Online Programs Paralegal Studies

The paralegal profession began in the 1960’s when attorneys hired assistants trained in law to help during President Lyndon B. Johnson’s “War on Poverty.” Now a paralegal can be found in public agencies, private law firms and corporations. The benefits of employing paralegals are the cost-effectiveness, and efficiency in which they deliver. Paralegals conduct research on … Read more

How to Discharge Student Loans via Bankruptcy in 2016

Is it possible to discharge a student loan via bankruptcy? If this is something you’re about to go through in 2016, the following guide can provide some useful information and suggestions. 2016 Changes and Specifics Declaring bankruptcy isn’t the best way to escape from student loans – with a few basic exceptions these are for … Read more

The Best Online Master in Educational Leadership Programs

An education leadership graduate degree is a prerequisite for administrative and managerial positions in many educational institutions. Depending on their skills and experiences, such professionals may be responsible for the development of a department, a school or an entire educational system. Most people interested in such degrees are already working as educational administrators. This is why … Read more

51 Tips Every College Freshman Should Know

Pay attention entering freshmen! If you want to be a warrior and tackle the challenges of college successfully, then reap the wisdom of those who went ahead of you. With your new found freedom comes the unwavering potential for failure. College can be like a video game, so unless you have the hacks from others, … Read more

Best Online Programs Master’s in Public Administration

Individuals that have a degree in public administration can choose among various lucrative career choices. Governmental and private business career are both a possibility for such individuals. The employment options become even more diversified for the individuals that have completed a grad school program in public administration. Online master’s in public administration degrees are suitable for … Read more

Best Online Programs Medical Assisting

Medical Assistants help deliver essential healthcare services. They perform a wide variety of administrative and clinical tasks to maintain the efficiency and integrity of a medical facility. Almost two-thirds of Medical Assistants will be employed by Doctor’s offices. Others work in hospitals, long-term care centers, inpatient and outpatient facilities and many other healthcare settings. Many … Read more

Can I Buy a House while Still having a Student Loan?

Having a student loan and trying to buy a house? Do you think that you can manage the debt that you’ve accumulated so far and a mortgage? Chances are that you’ve already been out of college for some time and you’re already thinking about choosing a place that will be your own. There are several important … Read more

Best Online Programs Master’s in Education Administration

Individuals that have a master’s degree in education administration are the ones that usually have leadership and managerial positions in educational institutions. These professionals find employment in public and private schools, state education facilities, colleges and even universities. Through their academic activities, students enrolled in a graduate program in education administration learn how to manage operations, … Read more