4 Best Green Degrees and Careers

Green degrees provide wonderful opportunities for career development in the field of sustainability. If you’re interested in environment preservation and the introduction of sustainability standards, you should definitely consider these educational opportunities and the careers stemming from them.

The selection of the right major will be determining for your future. This is why you have to dedicate enough time to the selection of the right green degree and a suitable career stemming from the respective type of education.

Environmental Science

A degree in environmental science gives you access to an array of employment possibilities. This is a generic degree that leaves some room for specialization. It focuses on understanding natural environments, as well as man-made habitats. The degree puts emphasis on sciences like biology, physics, chemistry, ecology and geography.

If you opt for this degree, you can go ahead to become an environmental scientist. These professionals have the important task of figuring out how we can minimize environmental damage. They are responsible for carrying out analyses and getting a better idea about pollution and its main causes.

People that opt for a career in the field of environmental science can expect an annual salary of 63,570 dollars.

A degree in environmental science provides a few additional employment possibilities. These include environmental consultants, recycling officers, water quality researchers, environmental managers and nature conservation officers.

Environmental Engineering

This is yet another excellent academic opportunity in the field of sustainability. Environmental engineering is more specialized than environmental science and as such, it provides opportunities for better-paid jobs in the future.

People who study environmental engineering put emphasis on technology and its use for the solution of some common sustainability problems. They’ll usually focus on waste management, improving air quality, thermodynamics and the introduction of computer systems.

The median annual salary for an environmental engineer in the US is 80,890 dollars. The demand for such professionals is expected to increase by 11 percent in the period until 2020, giving those experts some workplace stability.

Apart from working as an environmental engineer, people who have the degree can also pursue a career as safety design administrators, water resource engineers, air quality experts and controllers, field scientists and waste management directors. There are both undergraduate and graduate studies in environmental engineering. The degree pursued will depend on the type of job that the individual is interested in.

Environmental Biologist

Some of the typical courses that an environmental biology degree program includes are zoology, botany, microbiology, ecology, geology, chemistry and nature conservation. The aim of these professionals is to examine the biological forces that will have some impact on sustainability and habitat preservation.

An environmental biologist is a professional that researches contamination, pollution and wildlife populations. This expert is responsible for the development of wildlife management strategies and the reduction of the biological impact on nature preservation.

The median annual salary of environmental biologists is 70,770 dollars. The projected demand increase for these professionals is 15 percent in the period until 2020.

People that have an environmental biology degree could pursue a number of careers. Some of the possibilities include biotechnologist, park and nature preserve consultants, environmental consultants, wildlife rehabilitators and habitat restoration experts.

Environmental Lawyer

Environmental lawyers represent companies and organizations when it comes to nature conservation and the use of natural resources. The degrees range from undergraduate to doctorate and they give professionals in the field excellent opportunities for building a profitable career and supporting a good cause at the same time.

The median salary that environmental lawyers earn in the US is 113,530 dollars. The demand for such professionals is expected to increase by 10 percent in the years to come. The percentage is lower than the one for other green careers but it’s still higher than the national average.

Environmental attorneys can find employment in many companies, including as legal consultants. Government agencies and non-profit organizations will also be often dependent on the skills and the experience of these professionals.

Some people may choose to do a specialization, which will give them niche employment opportunities. A few common specialization options in environmental law include land utilization, energy law, habitat stabilization and water usage and protection.

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