Best MFA Programs

Master of fine arts (MFA) programs give talented individuals the theoretical background and the skills that they need to build a successful career in the field. Many universities offer such educational opportunities and here are some of the MFA programs that are characterized by an excellent price to quality ratio.

Yale University

Numerous rankings give Yale University’s MFA program the number one spot. There are several specialties that students can choose among on the basis of their preferences – painting, printmaking, sculpture and graphic design.

Yale also gives its MFA students excellent networking opportunities. According to unconfirmed information, MFA students at Yale are given chances to connect with galleries and art institutes – an essential for the establishment of a successful art career.

The graphic design and photography departments at Yale have a particularly good reputation. The students make use of recently constructed buildings that give them access to all of the necessary tools and supplies.

The cost of studying art at Yale is 33,500 dollars. Depending on commitment and individual preferences, students can obtain their MFA in three or less years. Financial assistance options are available.

Columbia University

Columbia University School of the Arts has a two-year master of fine arts program that is interdisciplinary. Students can choose among an array of fields and specialization areas like painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography and a couple of innovative genres. A writing MFA program is also available. Since 2013,ColumbiaUniversity has also started offering a degree in sound arts, which means that the MFA programs cater to the needs of a wide array of talents.

The Ivy League school is highly selective. Only two percent of the MFA applicants get accepted. Located inNew York,ColumbiaUniversity is found in one of the world’s most artistic cities. Needless to say, this is highly beneficial for young artists.

Students benefit from various events that give them practical knowledge. There’s a first-year art exhibition, tutorials and workshops, group critique and visits by art critics that can give the students a lot of useful feedback.

The cost of studying atColumbiaUniversity is 51,676 dollars. Financial assistance options are available. During the 2015/16 academic year, the university awarded financial assistance grants worth more than 10 million dollars.

School of the Art Institute of Chicago

SAIC has master of fine arts degrees in studio and in writing. The first opportunity spans across 12 different artistic departments like interior architecture, ceramics, film, painting, performance, photography, printmedia, sculpture, sound and visual communication design.

The program consists of 60 credits, giving the students an interdisciplinary look at some of the most prominent arts. Topical seminars and individual studios are used to give students experience and the practical knowledge that they require.

As you’ve probably guessed already, the interdisciplinary curriculum enables MFA students to tailor the program to their individual needs.

A few of the courses and the requirements that all students have to complete include the graduate survey of modern and contemporary art, four graduate critiques, a graduate exhibition and nine credits from electives.

The MFA in writing program has a graduate project in its very essence. Interdisciplinary seminars and academic mentorship are in the heart of the program. A few of the requirements for the completion of this program include a topics in writing seminar, four graduate critiques, a graduate publication and the selection of 12 credit hours of electives.

The cost of tuition at the School of Art Institute of Chicago is 44,010 dollars and the MFA program can be completed in two years. SAIC has a wide array of merit and need-based scholarships and during the academic year 2014/15, the school handed out 37 million dollars in the form of financial assistance.

School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston

The School of theMuseum ofFine Arts has an interdisciplinary MFA program. The program itself was established by a group of artists in 1876 and has been evolving ever since. Students will need approximately two years to obtain their degrees.

The SMFA program is executed in collaboration withTuftsUniversity, giving students a chance to sit through classes and acquire the necessary theoretical background.

Apart from the courses, students benefit from an array of professional development opportunities. These include a contemporary arts seminar, graduate group critiques and individual meetings with a graduate advisor. Students also have an opportunity to apply for outside exhibitions and grants.

The cost of studying at SMFA is 39,020 dollars. An array of financial aid options and loans is available, enabling graduate students to afford obtaining their degree.

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