5 Colleges with the Best Extras

Universities are becoming more and more competitive in their attempts to attract a bigger number of students. Apart from having top-notch academic programs, educational opportunities are starting to think about additional perks for their students.

If you’re about to choose a college in the near future, you may want to keep those perks in mind. The following list features some of the universities that make the biggest number of extras available to their students.

University of California, Berkeley

When it comes to perks and extras for students, no college performs better than University of California, Berkeley.

The state-of-the-art facilities and the numerous extracurricular activities that students get to enjoy are just the beginning. There are more than 1,200 clubs and organisations that students can join while spending their time atBerkeley.

The university is also known for having one of the richest libraries that contains hundreds of textbooks, photographs, manuscripts, lithographs and other documents.

TheBerkley campus hosts events, concerts and seminars. There are outdoor sports opportunities and a fitness centre for the students. Each of the campus rooms features internet connectivity, laundry services and a nearby dining centre.

Princeton University

Princeton University is also committed to giving students an all-encompassing and personally-enriching experience. The campus traditions are well-established and there are dozens of clubs that students can choose to join.

Princeton is another university that has an impressive library that all of the students can make use of. Nine buildings across thePrinceton campus house the extensive collection of books, periodicals and other documents. According to the official presentation, the library currently contains more than eight million books, six million microforms and 49,000 linear feet of manuscripts.

Campus life is exciting because of events like theatre plays, exhibitions, concerts, dances and sports competitions. The campus has a gym, as well as sports programs that students can choose to join. Last but not least, there’s massage therapy and other recreational options on campus.

University of Arkansas

A vast range of campus events define the University of Arkansas experience. Quite often, a student committee brings music celebrities on campus for exciting concerts. Some of the performers that have visited the premises include Foo Fighters, Snoop Dog, John Mayer and so many others.

There are more than 380 registered student organisations that focus on culture, religion an even future professional development. These are open for all students to join. Engagement is also boosted through fraternities, sororities, volunteering and participation in the student government.

The campus also features more than 50 centres for research and outreach, a research and technology park, a main campus library and four additional facilities scattered throughout the campus. In addition, students have access to over 200 databases, as well as subscription-based online journals.

Michigan Technology University

MTU gives students a wonderful education because of the academic program’s quality and the availability of so many extras. The Outdoor Adventure Program is probably the most interesting perk that students get access to. The program features kayaking, climbing, mountain hiking and a range of other trips/experiences that are exclusive to MTU students.

Some of the recreational facilities available on campus include a tennis centre, golf course, tech trails, a student development complex and the oldest ski hill inMichigan. Three lifts operate, allowing ski and snowboard enthusiasts to enjoy their favourite sport.

In terms of student life involvement, MTU students can choose among 200+ organisations and clubs to join. There are also fraternities and sororities. Community service is also being emphasised with a notable partnership between MTU and the Red Cross.

Oklahoma State University

The final entry in the list has one of the best on-campus golf courses among all of the colleges in theUS. Oklahoma State University also has an indoor golf training facility and the university has hosted a number of professional championships through the years.

In addition, students have access to two cardio theatre rooms, 10 basketball courts, indoor and outdoor swimming pools and a huge rock climbing wall.

The campus features a range of other great perks. There’s a kitchen that’s designed primarily to give students healthy cooking options. A massage therapy room is also available for recreational purposes. Colvin Recreational Centre holds a range of events like self-defence classes for women, group cycling, pilates classes, tai chi classes and even personal training.

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