5 Truly Bizarre Online Jobs

Telecommuting and making money online are becoming more and more popular among millennials. Statistics show that 3.7 million people in theUS are already engaged with telecommuting to some degree. Nearly 53 million Americans are freelancing. Many of these people look for jobs online.

When it comes to online jobs, most think about developers, web designers and copywriters. Did you know, however, that a range of other employment opportunities also exists in the virtual world? Here are some of the weirdest online jobs that people actually have and that they’re earning money for.

Virtual Nurses

Virtual nurses are real and these healthcare professionals have a very important job.

A virtual nurse is a professional that has all of the following responsibilities:

  • Using video equipment, a virtual nurse can have a chat with a patient (the patient is free from leaving their home)
  • Provide advice, suggestions and self-care tips that patients can follow on their own
  • Check on patients that have been diagnosed recently to see how they’re feeling and what progress has been made
  • Provide care and assistance over the phone or Skype
  • Provide emergency medical support to patients and their family

A virtual nurse can expect to earn approximately 30 dollars per hour. Though these medical professionals work from home, they have a vast range of crucial responsibilities. Virtual nurses are expected to have the same education as the registered nurses employed by medical facilities.

YouTube Channel Owners

That’s right, many people have quit their day job to become full-time YouTubers. Though it doesn’t sound like a real job, some of the most successful individuals in the field are making a lot of money.

Starting and maintaining a YouTube channel requires a lot of work and daily commitment. YouTubers need to come up with an idea, shoot the footage and edit the video. As a result, they’re enrolled in the YouTube partner program and they earn an advertising share.

Some of the richest YouTubers are actually worth millions of dollars. They have a steady (usually younger) audience of millions of people. As a result, YouTube personalities like FunToyzCollector, Michelle Phan, PewDiePie, Smosh, The Fine Bros and Jenna Marbles have managed to turn YouTube in a full-time job.

Fitness Coaches

Just like nurses, fitness coaches work online with their clients. Via chat and email communication, these professionals are responsible for coming up with a personalised exercise/nutrition program that corresponds to client needs.

Web-based personal trainers give clients convenience. Many people don’t have time to go to the gym or they simply don’t like it. With a virtual trainer, these individuals can work out in the comfort of their homes while still benefiting from professional assistance.

A virtual fitness trainer can make money on an hourly basis. Some of these professionals are getting paid per program. Obviously, the right education and licensing will be needed to get started with the job.

Virtual Jurors

Many websites offer people cash, if they’re willing to participate in courtroom simulations. Virtual jurors give lawyers tons of information about the psychology of decision making. As a result, the information that law professionals gather through such websites can be put to the test in actual courtroom settings.

Depending on the website that virtual jurors join, they can earn up to 10 dollars an hour. This is far from a full-time employment option but it can provide some nice additional cash.

Virtual Tutors

You can earn money by helping kids do their homework in a virtual classroom. These professionals are known as virtual tutors and many websites already offer such employment opportunities.

Such employment options aren’t only open to professional teachers. Tutor.com is one of the most popular websites offering such possibilities for online money making. Tutors have to apply to get a job and the application features a test, a background check and a mock virtual classroom session. Depending on the subject and how challenging it is, tutors can make 10 dollars or more per hour.

These are just some of the part-time and full-time employment option. If it’s possible to practice your profession from home and to interact with potential clients via internet, chances are that a virtual employment option exists for you, as well. Doing a bit of research will reveal a ton of additional possibilities that will enable you to earn a nice side income or to give up your traditional job altogether.

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