6 Travel Agent Training Options

Thousands of people are looking to becoming a travel agent and it can be such a rewarding and promising career too. However, there are actually a variety of options for travel agent training across Canada today. For anyone who wants to learn and get into the travel agent business, the following are just six of the best training options to consider today.

Distance Learning

This has become a very popular option, one of the biggest in fact, especially amongst stay-at-home moms and full-time workers. Distance learning is really a fantastic option to consider because it’s a home study course. This means all of the materials are sent out to you and you get the time to study from the comfort of your own home. It offers the flexibility for you to choose your hours to study and there is no need to call in or check in anywhere. The best thing of all about this learning option, is that you are not bound by set study times.

Corporate Agency Training

This has also become very popular over the years, simply because it offers anyone the chance to get their education wherever they are at in their travel agents career. Corporate agency training will give those who are already in the travel agency business the chance to learn at their expertise level. Of course, this might not be ideal for everyone, but it could be a valuable option to consider. You can learn about front line customer service as well as all those important areas experienced agents will need to further their careers.

CD Seminars

Seminars found on CD’s may seem very odd but actually, they are quite useful. The reason why these have become so popular is simply because you get to train whenever you want. You don’t have to call any numbers and you get to learn on your own time, which obviously has its own advantages. The discs contain the seminars, the supporting PDF documents, as well as visual aids.


A tele-seminar is similar to a regular seminar with the exception that it’s a seminar done over the web or via a telephone. While this may seem strange to some, it is actually becoming more and more vastly popular. Anyone who signs up for this type of training method will receive a Power Point presentation as well as a telephone number (usually toll free). You will be given a scheduled time to call the number; at which the seminar begins. In most cases, you get to download additional materials as well.

Study Using Publications

Publications are a great form to study with as they offer so much information. You get to read the content whenever you need to and they are CITC approved too, so it’s a really great option. Of course, it will allow you to understand the market as well as how you can attract new customers during peak and off-peak times. Remember, when you are a travel agent, you are self-employed worker which means you basically have to consistently keep improving your skills at every turn as well as market yourself and build your brand.

In House Training

This has to be a great option to consider when it comes to getting into the travel agent business. The training program can last between one and two full days of learning. However, the training is quite in-depth and digs deep into all areas and aspects of becoming a successful travel agent. And for those who are just starting out in the travel industry, this can prove to be a valuable way to climb the travel agent ladder.

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