7 Best Party Schools in the US 2015

So what are the best party schools in the US? Well combining the most popular lists and ranking them we have created the list of the best party schools in the US for 2015!

Best Party School Ranking Lists:

Combining and giving weighting to the lists above we have come up with the ultimate list of the best party schools in the US with videos to prove it!

For different people there are different reasons to go to college. Sure you want to get a good education so you can get a good job. At the same time however, you don’t want to spend all of your time pouring over schoolbooks. You want to have some fun as well. That’s why these party schools are so popular amongst students of all ages. The same schools usually fight for the top spots on this list but every so often they switch it up. Of course it’s important to understand that just because a school is considered a ‘party school’ doesn’t mean that it also won’t offer you a first class education. 


Syracuse University

Syracuse Party School

Located in New York, Syracuse University is the number one party school in the country for 2015. It is a private research institution which means you’re not going to get in just to party. You must be able to prove your worth as well. With over 200 majors in 9 different undergraduate schools the university teaches approximately 12,000 undergraduate and 4,000 graduate students every year.

Mayfest is the biggest party of the year and is an all-day party in Walnut Park.


University of Iowa

University of Iowa Party School

One of the best schools in the country, the University of Iowa has an unrivaled writing program and one of the largest hospitals for teaching its students found anywhere in the country. Offering a large number of undergraduate, graduate and professional programs this university is considered the 72nd best in the country and 28th best out of public universities. If you’re looking at a career in the arts this is the place to be as its fine arts program is rated number 22 in the entire country. The graduate programs are also considered extremely good with the College of Medicine being 16th for primary care and 28th for research, the College of Law ranking 29th and the College of Pharmacy at 17th. This university is also very competitive when it comes to sports with a football team that plays in Division 1 of the Big Ten Conference for the NCAA.


University of California-Santa Barbara

University California Party School

Possibly not quite as prestigious as the top two schools we’ve just discussed, UC Santa Barbara is a public university that is one out of 10 in the University of California group. It’s also well-known for its parties and wild lifestyles. That doesn’t mean it’s a school where you can just go to have a good time. This school has an acceptance rate of only 49% which means you’ll still need to have some good education and knowledge to get your foot in the door.

Floatopia and Deltopia at UCSB has become a massive party! It started in 2003 and has thousands of attendants.


West Virginia University

West Virginia Party School

Considered a public research university, West Virginia offers 193 different programs at levels from a bachelor’s degree up through a professional degree in some programs. This university is well known for producing some of the best and brightest with 39 Goldwater Scholars, 24 Rhodes Scholars, 22 Truman Scholars and 3 Morris K. Udall Undergraduate Scholarship recipients. It was named as the #1 party school by the Princeton Review which should definitely tell you a little about the school that the administration may not want to make public. Research is important at this school as well however, so be prepared to make a difference if you decide to attend.

Univeristy of West Virginia is famous for St Patrick Day Parties and Burning Couches!


University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Illinois Party School

Known as one of the top research universities in the country, this school has 150 different programs and is considered the 2nd largest public university in Illinois. Best known for applied and basic engineering and sciences it is ranked as the 11th best public university and 41st as a national university. With a library considered on the largest public university libraries in the state, there are also some very rare editions to be found within its walls. It may be no wonder that the Colleges of Engineering, Business, Education and Civil Engineering are ranked so highly.


Lehigh University

Lehigh Party School

A privately owned school, Lehigh University was founded in 1865 to administer strictly to technical pursuits however it now offers a far wider array of programs to its 7,000 students. The return on investment for this school is considered extremely high and has ranked the school as number 12 in the nation. As a result, it’s going to be extremely prestigious to get into this school. Without some excellent grades and abilities you’re not going to get a chance to party with these highly intellectual students.

Lehigh is the smallest school to make the list.


Penn State University

Penn State Party School

Last on our list of party schools is Penn State which is also considered a high research facility. This school has a great record for alumni who continue to support and donate to the school long after they leave. It is ranked number 43 in the world and boasts only a 51% acceptance rate. There are over 40,000 students enrolled in the school annually seeking a wide range of undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Associate’s degrees through first professional are offered at this expansive campus. It offers very popular health, engineering, education, computer and information sciences, information sciences and communication and journalism programs. Though none of these top the admittance to its business, administration, management and marketing programs.

Going to a party school doesn’t mean you are going to get by without trying. You’ll definitely need to put in some hard work and effort just to get into the university in the first place. Once you’ve accomplished that feat you’ll be able to settle in, have some fun and enjoy the parties that each of these schools is known for. Don’t forget to keep up on your studies though, it’s going to take a little work to keep your grades high enough to be offered continued admission. Party school doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get to slack off after all. It may just mean having enough fun and time to relax after a long hard week of pegging away at your books.

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