Top 30 Christian Universities in the U.S

If you’re looking for a first class education that also ties in your religion then you’ll want to know the best Christian Universities in the country. Lucky for you we’ve tracked down 30 of the best so you can make sure you’re getting the most out of every aspect of your studies. If you’re looking for even more options make sure you check out this site which will give you twenty more schools to check out. You’ll definitely be glad to see some of the great schools on this list.

Our number one university has absolutely no tuition fees which means that there are a number of students who want admission to this school. It does require students to work for 15 hours a week at an assigned station in exchange for this free tuition. There are only 40 majors to choose from but there is plenty of training and hands on work in these fields.
Located in Wenham, Massachusetts this university has a highly developed academic community, mentors, moral development, professional development and tools of learning approach to educating students. It offers 38 different majors of study and several graduate degrees.

Students in this school work and study in another country for a period of three months as a part of its degree programs in order to help students learn even more about their field and the world. It also has some of the smallest class sizes with only 10 students to every faculty member.

Well-known as a beautiful and prestigious school, Pepperdine is also a Christian campus which offers program facilities in several different countries around the world. It continues to offer an array of student activities and academic programs to support this goal.

Located in Texas this university offers a variety of different opportunities and has achieved the number 75 ranking in national schools as well as our number 5 slot for Christian schools. It has 150 different undergraduate programs, 76 master’s programs and 22 doctoral programs.

Founded in 1909 this university is located in Grantham, Pennsylvania and promotes leadership and service to its students. Courses are offered in four different schools including the School of Business, Education and Social Sciences, School of Science, School of Engineering and Health and the School of Humanities.

With only a 12:1 student to faculty ratio this university has the small class sizes that many students want. It also offers 26 different majors and several pre-professional programs. Student activities including internships and international/domestic exchanges

Located in Spokane, Washington this university has over 60 different degree programs with myriad opportunities for research, internships and study abroad. The students are also capable of participating in a large array of different extracurricular activities and programs.

This private university is located in Salem, Oregon and boasts 142 wooded acres. It offers 10 different majors with a variety of different areas of study and has three different schools in business, education and counseling and ministry.

Founded in 1906 this university is very selective with only a 49% acceptance rate. On the other hand it has a very high retention rate with 90% of students returning after their freshman year. It also offers 125 different areas of study with 71 different majors.

This school is located in Grand Rapids, MI and offers over 115 areas of study. All of these areas are considered pre-professional and center around education, business, engineering, biology, speech h pathology, etc.

Founded to help returning GI’s from the war, this school focuses on technical and professional training and ensures that there are plenty of hands on opportunities for all students. It is recognized as one of the best engineering and aeronautic science schools in the nation.

Founded in 1891 this university is located in Nashville, Tennessee. There are approximately 78 majors and 145 different areas of study. Graduates have the opportunity to choose from 25 different master’s degrees or 3 doctoral degrees in 58 different areas of study.

Not far from Chicago, Illinois this university is actually considered one of the best among all national liberal arts colleges. It has a very rigorous program of study and offers 40 different degree options for undergraduates.

A Presbyterian Church school, Covenant College offers to advance students in several key areas of religious study. It also offers 20 undergraduate programs and 2 graduate degrees with 98% of the students receiving financial aid.

Offering 20 majors with 60 different options, Bryan College is located at the base of the Smoky Mountains. It provides a motto of Christ Above All which influences all activity in the university from students and staff alike.

Located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, this university works on the entire individual from their body and mind to their spirit through academics, student life and outreach. There are students from 65 different countries attending classes from this university.

A small ratio of students to faculty makes this an excellent school for many students offering a strong drive, and a well-rounded experience to all the students. This school also offers a large number of degree programs through 8 different schools.

Established in 1917 this school is located in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. It offers a strong retention rate and also a great rate of work placement after graduation with almost 90% getting a job in their field within only one year.

With more than 50 majors and 38 minors offered this school has three focuses, arts and sciences, education and communication. Located just outside of Lexington the students are able to experience a host of different opportunities and experiences.

With programs of study in over 100 different areas this university makes sure to incorporate Christian faith in everything they do. This school has earned national recognition for its programs and it’s rigorous standards. This school seeks to provide well-rounded students upon graduation.

7 different degrees in 60 majors are offered from this school which emphasizes paradoxes and challenges in theory. It also provides excellent opportunities for students to experience their faith and hands on training throughout Indianapolis.

With a small student to faculty ratio of only 11:1 this university has plenty to offer. It has 8 different schools which provide for different areas of study from arts and sciences to law, nursing, education, divinity and business.

Located in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania this university has a large liberal arts program with 36 major areas of study. Graduate programs are also offered and even adult degrees are provided. This campus offers a variety of extracurricular activities as well from radio and sports to choir and ministry.

This university is home to approximately 5,000 students annually and offers a range of different degree programs for those looking at associate’s degrees up to doctoral degrees. There are plenty of options in majors, minors, day, night and online classes. No matter what your interests you’ll find something here.

Just outside of downtown Seattle is this university which features 43 acres, a wilderness field station and a retreat center. It has plenty of opportunities for internships, research and ministry experience as well as a number of different recreational opportunities. There are 62 majors of study offered for undergraduates with 20 different graduate degree programs.

This university is located in Minnesota and is the only non-denominational Christian private college there. It is actually within the twin cities and has plenty of professional and ministry development opportunities for students. There are 7 undergraduate areas of study and 6 graduate options in this school with a ratio of 17:1.

Boasting a student to faculty ratio of only 13:1, this prestigious university has only a 38% acceptance rate. It offers seven undergraduate degrees, 8 master’s level degrees and only 3 doctoral degrees which enables the school to offer a very high level of study.

Honesty and integrity are a huge part of the curriculum at this university where exams are given without a proctor and the honor pledge is required for every exam. There are 85 different programs of study offered and the student to faculty ratio is only 12:1. Every student is also granted scholarships and financial aid.

Offering 30 majors this college is located just outside of Minneapolis. It has a student to faculty ratio of 15:1 which makes it a great choice for those with a desire for more individualized learning. It also offers disc golf and hiking trails for those interested in the outdoors.

If your religious education is important to you then you’ll want to check into each of these universities. Each one has something wonderful to offer you both as a part of your spiritual education and a part of your regular education as well. You’ll want to see what each one has and you’ll definitely be glad to know that they offer first class educations in all aspects so you don’t have to sacrifice the rest of your education or the prestige of your degree in order to carry on your religious education as well. You’ll get the best of both worlds no matter which school you choose.

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