America’s Best Colleges

The quality of education is incredibly important when it comes to ensuring your professional future. For years, certain colleges have been doing excellent work in terms of maintaining their stellar reputation. If you’re about to enroll in a college right now, you may want to explore the following list ofAmerica’s top universities.

Princeton University

US News and World Report givesPrinceton the top spot among all of the American colleges. The university is also incredibly highly ranked by Forbes.

Located inNew Jersey, Princeton is a private university and it is also the first in the country to offer a no-loan financial policy to students. This means thatPrinceton offers grants that don’t have to be returned within a specified timeframe.

Currently, about 5,400 students are acquiring a degree atPrinceton. The tuition cost is about 43,450 dollars (data for the 2015/16 academic year). The average financial aid that students get to benefit from is 36,918 dollars. Approximately 62 percent of the students receive financial aid.

The Princeton financial grade according to Forbes is A+. The university admits approximately seven percent of the people that apply. Average SAT scores of admitted students range between 1400 and 1600.

A few of the most popular majors that Princeton students can choose among include architecture, biological and biomedical sciences, languages and English literature, mathematics, philosophy, physical sciences, psychology, public administration, social sciences and visual arts.

Stanford University

A much larger institution than the first university in the list, Stanford has a student population that’s close to 17,000 people. Of these students, about 7,000 people are enrolled in undergraduate programs. Stanford University ranks high both in the US News and World Report and the Forbes ranking of American colleges.

The student to faculty ratio is 10 to one, a particularly impressive figure for a larger college.

The annual cost of tuition at Stanford is an average of 64,400 dollars. Nearly 68 percent of all students admitted get financial aid and the average grant is 40,000 dollars.

Only five percent of all students that apply are admitted to Stanford. Students that make it through the strict admission process are expected to have an SAT score in the range from 1380 to 1570.

Some of the top majors that students choose atStanfordUniversity include biology, economics, international relations, engineering, computer science, history, English language, management science and engineering, communications and sciences.

Harvard University

A private institution in CambridgeMassachusetts, Harvard University is an Ivy League school that has an excellent reputation. It’s the oldest academic institution in the country and it has the largest endowment out of all universities across the globe.

The current student population at Harvard is 28,790 people. Of these students, slightly over 10,000 are enrolled in undergraduate programs. The average annual cost of studying at Harvard is 64,400 dollars.

Of all students, 72 percent benefit from financial aid. The average financial aid grant received by Harvard students is 42,150 dollars.

Just like the other universities in the list, Harvard is heavily selected. Only six percent of all applicants are accepted to study at the university. Students that make it to Harvard programs have SAT scores in the range from 1410 and 1600. The average freshman retention rate is 97 percent, which is indicative of a high degree of satisfaction with the academic programs.

Harvard has an excellent and diversified academic program. Some of the most popular majors that students can choose among include social sciences, biology and biological sciences, history, mathematics and physical sciences.

Yale University

Yale University also ranks among the best American colleges in a vast array of charts and reports. The private institution was established in 1701 and today, Yale has undergraduate enrollment of 5,477 people. The entire student population is 12,336 people.

The student to faculty ratio is six to one. The university has 13 professional schools. Yale’s law school is one of the best ranked in the country. The school of management and the school of medicine also have excellent reputation.

Students interested in Yale should be prepared to spend an average of 66,445 dollars on their education. The percentage of students that receive financial aid is 59 percent and the average grant is 40,904 dollars.

In terms of admission, Yale is quite strict. Only six percent of all the students that apply will be admitted. These students have SAT scores in the range from 1400 to 1600.

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