Top 10 College Compression Wear Jerseys

Getting ready for college can be all mind-consuming as it approaches nearer. Doesn’t matter if you are a new student, a grad, or a sports enthusiast, you should know the latest in college wear taking over campuses across the nation. Compression jerseys are hot. They are functional clothing which embody a numerous amount of healthy benefits, but even better they look great on the body.

Manufacturers of compression jerseys have taken the idea to the next level by including wild and creative emblems on the jerseys. You can get everything from your favorite team, to super-heroes, to the ‘punisher’ in a compression jersey. Perhaps you were unaware of this clothing phenomenon taking place. If this is the case, you can learn all about it here. When you are ready to pack up for college, be sure to include one of our top choices in compression jerseys, and they are:

The Top Choice

Under Armour

Headquartered in Baltimore, Under Armour is the leading company of wearable-tech action. Their market is growing faster than just simple sports clothes. They have since expanded the compression gear into follow-ups like health apps and gadgets to take functional clothing to the next level.

You can thank Kevin Plank, the big man of Under Armour for really throwing himself into the cause. He says most of the technology is boring and ineffectual, and he means to dictate devices into fashion. Expect to see more innovative and all-embracing types of functional and health wear come from Under Armour. Their compression jerseys are out to win.

The Next Best Five


Nike has been the go-to gear for many years, and still they are keeping up with the latest trends. From basketball apparel to compression wear with the latest technology, Nike isn’t about to accept second place.

Nike offers compression jerseys with a patented Dri-FIT technology, which is basically moisture-wicking. Moisture-wicking keeps sweat away from the body and keeps the body cool. This offers extended breathability to the wearer. If you are big on sports, a compression jersey by Nike will not let you down.

As of now, Nike is introducing the Nike Pro Combat compression jerseys. They claim this wear to be fundamentally different to the other previous products on the market. In fact, they have an exclusive patent-pending for this technology. If you ever watch an NBA game, you will see Mason Plumee of Portland Trail Blazers sporting a Nike Pro Combat compression jersey. He claims to where it not because of product promotion, but strictly because it makes him feel safer and more confident.


While we are on the subject of compression jerseys and other gear worn by professional athletes, you can add Adidas to that list. They have taken on both Kansas and Notre Dame, plus other schools with a progressive product called ‘Techfit’. The idea revolves around the notion compression gear head-to-toe prepares them for combat. There is even an Adidas commercial stating so. Yet Adidas has always been right up there with Nike as the choice wear in sports, the main difference now being compression gear being introduced, and well, really loved by the players. Even off the court, compression jerseys are taking to the gyms and even the streets.

Did you know Shaquille O'Neal was one of the first players to wear padding? With his 7 foot 1 frame, players roughed him up harder in an effort to stop him. His trainer at one time considered having him wear a bulletproof vest but thought it was too heavy for him. But he is not the only one; a majority of players are convinced that compression wear can prevent injury. “It works,” Philadelphia 76ers forward Thaddeus Young said as he held a protective compression jersey.


MCDAVID might be a smaller company then the likes of Nike and Adidas, but they are fast and coming with some of the best compression gear on the market. They are the long shot that wins. In 2005, McDavid created a technology called HexPad. This is a flexible, lightweight, washable series of hexagonal foam pads woven into the fabric. This was their original patent, although Nike and Adidas are quickly trying to create their own versions.


2xU is a show stopper. One visit to their website and you get pumped up. Even couch plants feel the insatiable urge to push their body to the ultimate performance test. Everything they are is about having the world’s most advanced compression technology. They offer a plethora of different products all graduated compression gear. Their pride lies in the exact science to promote increased blood flow for faster warm up and greater oxygen to muscle tissue. They demand you are race ready, whether it is for competition, or just life.

Honorable Mentions

Pearl Izumi with their Ride Men’s Elite Compression Jersey

Keep your eye on this compression gear company. Their focus is on the perfect balance of anatomic fit, with performance engineered materials. They are gradually improving a clothing system that is the ultimate functional wear.

Tommy Copper Compression Jersey for Running or Basketball

Tommy Copper has a genuine following of those who absolutely love their line of compression gear. They focus on ‘targeted relief’ and recovery. If you have certain areas which require special attention, check out Tommy Copper first.

Men's Cycling Running Skull and Skeleton Compression Shirt Training shirt football shirt

This is where it gets really, really good in compression jerseys. In fact, it is compulsory to check these shirts out. Why? Because the emblems on the jerseys embrace such uniqueness and self-expression; but only if you are into masculine skulls, punisher, and other full-on oddities. If you are one of those who need to put it all out there, these are the compression jerseys for you.

Neo Prodigy Football Shirt

Strictly for those involved in contact sports, this compression jersey has the wicking fabric to keep you cool, but it also includes built-in padding to lessen the impact. Perforations in the padding allow for body heat to escape from the skin. This is just one brand of compression jerseys which have built in padding. They are becoming increasingly a popular choice for athletes.

Champro TRI-FLEX Compression Padded Armour Shirt

This is where compression gear is moving within the sports arena. Champro offers a TRI-FLEX cushion system with grip-tech dots to provide extra traction and prevent slippage. These are high compression jerseys made of a polyester and spandex DRI-GEAR moisture management system.

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