What is a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work

Social work is helping others. Period. It addresses the human-ness in us. Social workers find a cause and then pursue a Bachelor’s degree in social work to gain the requisite knowledge to help others. There are two reasons that make pursuing a Bachelor’s in Social Work a great idea. First, you will most likely land a great job upon graduation and second, if social work is your calling, you can use your bachelor’s degree in social work to enter into graduate school. To see some of the most common social work undergraduate programs, Click Here.

Scopes of Social Work

Baccalaureate Social Workers

These are case managers who are tasked with taking care of the community resources. They manage the cases on a macro basis meaning that there will be hundreds of social workers below them. They need the management skills that are taught in the undergraduate programs of Social sciences. In very rare cases, some states allow the Baccalaureate workers to do counselling in matters such as decision making and life adjustments.


Sometimes holders of bachelor’s degree in social sciences are allowed the tasks of clinical social work, but this will usually fall under a limited scope of work, and must always be under supervised management. Most of the clinical psychotherapy tasks are conducted under the supervision of someone specialized by undergoing a master’s level education.

Before beginning your social work degree program, you are well advised to familiarize yourself with the legal provisions that govern your chosen line. The first place to check will be your state chapter of National Association of Social Workers.

Sometimes even with a bachelors, you may become certified in a certain niche and thus granted a certificate to practice in that specific niche. Most social workers seek certifications in areas such as;

  • Family, youth and children social work
  • Gerontology
  • ​Casework
  • Hospice and palliative

The above certification areas are predetermined by National Association of Social Workers after doing surveys among the social work professionals to give the baccalaureates a sense of what is currently needed by the market.

What You Need to Graduate with a Bachelors of Social Work

In the US, the Council on Social Work Education is mandated by the law to accredit social work programs. All the students who go through this program must commit to produce at least 400 hours of real social work in the field. The programs at this level just prepares you for general social work. To get the 400 hours, you must volunteer your time to a social work enterprise.

Other than the field work, you will need to go through coursework in areas such as social welfare policy, human behavior, interventions and treatments to be deployed with varying populations among others.

How Do You Make Yourself Competitive?

Note that there is a difference between a university admission to get a bachelor’s degree in social science and acceptance into a professional program. In the latter, you have to get a certification from your chosen area of specialization in order to get admitted into the profession. To get admitted into a degree program in a university, you will need a GPA of at least 2.5.

The Graduate School

To get into a master’s degree, you will need an undergraduate in social work. A master’s degree in social work will take 60 hours for academic work. If you did your 400 hours of field work, you can do just 30 hours and just one year of coursework.

Applying for a Bachelor’s Degree in Social

Most universities have what is referred to as “Rolling Admissions”. This means that they do not have any specific deadline for submitting applications. Below are some of the prerequisites that you will be asked to produce if you are joining as a freshman;

  • Evidence prior social work
  • Earn 2.5 GPA in high school and a 1200 SAT or 25 ACT.
  • Complete bachelors of social work from a recognized university.

Evidence that you have completed at least 60 transferable credits in an accredited institution or have completed an associate degree program. The transferable credits should include;

  • 9 humanities credits
  • 9 natural sciences credits
  • ​9 social sciences credits
  • 33 credits of other courses.
Medical Social worker

Possible Career Options for People Holding Bachelors of Social work

  • Medical Social worker
  • Clinical Social worker
  • ​Intervention Specialist
  • Advocacy Programs Coordinator
  • ​Transitional Living Expert
  • ​Youth and Children Services Specialist
  • Substance Abuse Counsellor
  • ​International Relief Specialist
  • ​Elderly Programs specialist
  • Criminal Justice Coordinator
  • Community Action Program Associate
  • Hospital and Hospice Officer
  • ​Sexual Assault and domestic Violence Programs
  • ​Income Assistance Specialist
  • Disability Development Services

A Little More Knowledge about the Social Work Bachelor’s Program

Social Work Exam Review The social work exam review is there to encourage the people pursuing a career in the social work that they are not alone. There will be people who have taken the exam in the past and passed, there will be those currently taking the exam and there will be those that will take the exam in the future. The ASWB has so far administered over 30,000 tests. From this portal, you will get insights into what to expect in the exams.
Licensing ExaminationsYou will need to contact your licensing board to ensure that the exams are offered in your language. Note that many boards have no accommodation for those who primary language is not English
ASWBYou will need to prepare for the exams as it is not that easy. Statistics by ASWB shows that in 2008, pass rate was as follows: Those with bachelors (77.3%), those with masters (74%), those with advanced generalist (58.3%) and those with clinical specialization (75.9%).
The Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB)Check out this website’s FAQ page for more insights into concerns raised by other social work test takers.
Practice ExamsYou can find practice exams just by applying and paying a small fee. The practice questions will come in handy especially if you are taking the exam for the first time.
The Exam FeeAlways pay your ASWB work directly to the board. Note that the fee may vary from state to state
Test CentersThe exam centers for ASWB tests are in select cities in the country. Decide the center where you are going to do your exam before you register.

Social work is not only a fruitful career but also a niche where you will be directly contributing the betterment of the humanity. A bachelor’s degree in social work is the place to kick start this career.

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