Best Online MSW Programs

Online master of social work (MSW) programs are already available from an array of reputable colleges and universities. By the end of 2015, there were approximately 30 academic institutions offering such programs. If you want to pursue higher education in the field of social work, you should definitely consider some of the following opportunities.

University of Louisville

University of Louisville offers a master of social works program that’s available 100 percent online. The program has been developed by the Kent School of Social Work – an academic establishment that’s been offering social work education since 1936.

Students can choose among two online options – a standard master of social works program that consists of 60 credit hours and an advanced standing program that consists of 30 credit hours. The second option is available for individuals employed in the field of social work that have already acquired a bachelor’s degree in the discipline.

Depending on their commitment and the available time, standard program students can obtain their graduate degree in four to eight semesters. The advanced standing program requires two to five semesters for completion.

Students can choose among several areas of specialization. A few of the most popular options include gerontology, oncology, mental health, alcohol and drug counseling and military social work.

The cost of the program is 714 dollars per credit hour. Financial assistance grants, scholarships and loans are available.

Fordham University

US News and World Report ranks Fordham University as one of the best online MSW degree providers. Students can choose among various concentration areas that include macro practice, clinical, leadership and research social work. Part-time and full-time asynchronous online learning opportunities are available, giving students flexibility and a chance to learn at their own pace.

The program requires approximately two years to be completed.

Some of the courses included in the clinical concentration include human rights and social justice, social work practice, human behavior and the social environment, advanced clinical assessment and diagnosis, children and youth and field work.

Advanced standing programs are also available, giving students a chance to complete the program faster and to take solely 33 credit hours instead of the standard 66 credit hours.

The cost of studying at Fordham University is 894 dollars per credit hour. The applicable fees add to 600 additional dollars over the course of studying. Obviously, advanced standing students will have to spend less on obtaining their MSW. Financial assistance options are available.

University of TennesseeKnoxville

The College of Social Work at University of TennesseeKnoxville offers an online MSW program. The program is recognized as one of the educational opportunities in the country that come with the best price to quality ratio. The faculty teaching campus-based classes is also responsible for developing the online program.

Students that opt for the online program can choose among three different possibilities – the online advanced standing program, the full-time program and the online extended study program. The third one is a bit different from what other universities have to offer. It is a part-time program that enables students to take solely six credits per semester. The program is ideal for working professionals that want to acquire a higher degree of education.

The full-time program consists of 60 credit hours and depending on student engagement, it requires three to four years for completion.

Some of the courses that the online MSW students can choose among include social work and social welfare policies, lifespan and neurophysiologic development, evidence-based practice, foundation research, cognitive behavioral therapy, military social work practice, trauma theory and practice, treatment of trauma and short-term interventions.

The cost of studying at University of TennesseeKnoxville is 680 dollars per credit hour, which means that the program is a lot more affordable than the previous opportunities available in the list. As usual, financial assistance options are available.

Honorable Mentions

Various other universities have excellent online opportunities for the students interested in pursuing a graduate degree in social work.

These high quality online programs are offered at Case Western Reserve University, The University of Southern California, The University of New England, Texas State –San MarcosUniversity of Alabama and Indiana University.

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