Best Online CAD Programs

CAD or drafting programs give students the skills needed to build detailed layout plans used by engineers and architects alike. Depending on the specifics and the complexity of a CAD program, it can be completed in approximately two years. Luckily, various universities offer online CAD courses, allowing for flexibility and completion at a student’s own pace.

Tennessee College of Applied Technology

Students that complete the Tennessee College of Applied Technology CAD program will receive a CAD technician certificate. The curriculum focuses on manufacturing, mechanical, architectural and electric drawing among various other disciplines.

A few of the courses and areas of concentration include sketching and shape description, AutoCAD, drafting applications, technical drawing, solid modeling and visualization, structural drafting, working drawings and plot plans.

Apart from the CAD technician certificate, students can opt for an array of other relevant degrees. Some of the other areas of specialization include detail drafting, architectural drafting, mechanical drafting and structural drafting.

All of the courses are offered asynchronously, giving distance learners more convenience. The cost of enrolling in the program is 4,748 dollars per year. Financial assistance options are available.

West Kentucky Community and Technical College

The computer aiding drafting and design program at West Kentucky Community and Technical College produces an associate’s degree. There are also several certificates available at the university in the fields of 3D modeling, computer assisted drafting, detailing and drafting assistance.

Depending on the commitment and the amount of time that they can dedicate to the program, online students can obtain their associate’s degree in approximately four semesters. Certificates are awarded as soon as all of the requirements are met.

A total of 45 credit hours will be required in technical and gen ed disciplines. Online courses are available August through December and January through May.

The good news is that the university doesn’t have specialized admission requirements – the computer aiding drafting and design program is readily available to everyone. Solely the general admission requirements have to be met – a final high school transcript, advanced placement scores (if applicable) and the provision of an ACT score.

Tuition fees are 3,624 dollars for in-state students and 12,456 dollars for out-of-state students. Financial assistance options are available.

Somerset Community College

Somerset Community College has several online programs in the field that students can choose among. These include computer aided drafting and design, computer assisted drafter certificate, detailer certificate and drafter assistant certificate.

Students need to complete 48 to 51 credit hours to obtain their associate’s degree in the field of CAD drafting.

The program is suitable both for practicing and for inspiring CAD drafters. It focuses on subjects like basic computer skills, parametric modeling, 2D and 3D modeling, descriptive geometry and an array of graphic languages. A number of optional electives are also available for students to choose among.

All of the courses are available through theSomersetCommunity College virtual campus. The platform is accessible 24/7 and there’s also an online application form for the selection of the right program.

The tuition cost per credit hour is 156 dollars per credit hour for in-state students and 546 dollars per credit hour for out-of-state students. There’s also a mandatory fee of eight dollars per credit hour that all students must pay.

Minnesota State College Southeast

The university has a 100 percent online CAD drafting program. Faculty members have over 40 years of combined CAD drafting experience, which means that students will get access to both the theoretical background and the modern techniques in the field.

There are four options that students can choose among. The associate’s degree in computer aided design drafting technologies will be obtained after completing 60 credit hours. Minnesota State College Southeast also offers certificates in basic drafting technologies and computer aided drafting technologies, as well as a diploma in computer aided design.

Some of the courses included in the associate’s program include Autocad, geometric tolerances, print reading for CAD design, working drawings for CAD design, CAD drawing using free software and manufacturing processes for CAD design.

The tuition cost per credit hour is 165.64 dollars for both in-state and out-of-state students. Financial assistance options are available. The students have access to federal grants,Minnesota state grants, scholarships and loans.

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