Best Online Programs Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education

Numerous studies show how important early childhood education is for the overall development of the individual, including an extensive study of people who were observed during the first 21 years of their lives (The Carolina Abecedarian Project). Educators need the right background and skills to turn early childhood education in a positive, beneficial experience.

Interested in becoming an early childhood educator? Would you like to obtain a degree online? Prospective educators should be aware that diplomas cannot be obtained entirely online because practical experience in the realm is essential for professional success.

Several universities have quality online and hybrid learning opportunities in the field of early childhood education. Here are some of the best programs to consider, if you’re predominantly interested in an online learning possibility.

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Florida International University

Florida International University’s online program in childhood development is an undergraduate degree that addresses the wholesome development of the child. The program does not produce a teach certification but rather a specialisations in language, cognitive and emotional/social development of the children.

Some of the most interesting courses incorporated in the program include classroom management, social foundations of education, educational psychology, teaching elementary arts, early childhood educational programs, special needs of children and their families and early social and emotional development

Students need 120 credits to complete their education. ForFlorida residents, the cost is 215.94 dollars per credit hour and for out-of-state students – 333 dollars per credit hour.

University of Cincinnati

University of Cincinnati’s degree in early childhood education is unique in many ways, including the fact that it’s only available as a remote learning program. Graduates work in a variety of fields and they are head teachers, preschool teachers, MRDD consultant trainers and even program administrators in early childhood settings.

The core curriculum of the program features creative arts in early car and education, developmental concerns and family partnerships, play and development, classroom organisation and guidance. Students can choose up to six courses and a total of 18 hours to satisfy the requirements.

The program costs 5,500 dollars per term forOhio residents and 13,167 dollars per term for out-of-state students.

University of North Carolina at Greensboro

The early childhood online degree provided by University of North Carolina atGreensboro is handled by the Department of Human Development and Family Studies. A necessary requirement for enrolling is to have acquired an AAS degree at any community college in the state.

By graduating from this online program, students may continue to obtain an online teaching license.

The program has an interdisciplinary approach and it puts emphasis on both social and behavioural sciences. Students can pick among a specialisation in either general early childhood education or early childhood special education.

Mount Vernon Nazarene University

Mount Vernon Nazarene University is also an academic institution that has excellent traditions in the field of early childhood education. The online program’s curriculum includes core courses and an obligatory field education in teaching.

Some of the most interesting courses included in the university’s early education program include educational technology, the learner and the learning process, inclusion and differentiated instruction and cultural diversity.

With 120 course hours required for graduation, the program cost amounts to 15,850 dollars per year. The university has a couple of financial assistance, scholarship and loan options for students to choose among.

California Baptist University

California Baptist University is another reputable academic institution that has an online undergraduate program in early childhood education. The program focuses on working with all children, including special needs students, in the age range from zero to eight.

Some of the courses that the program focuses on include cognitive development in early childhood, emotional development in early childhood, assessing young children with disabilities, spiritual development in young children and STEM integrated with the arts.

As you may have guessed, the program is predominantly Biblically-rooted and it takes a more spiritual approach towards early childhood education and development.

The tuition fees atCaliforniaBaptistUniversity amount to slightly over 14,280 dollars per semester for the students taking anywhere from 13 to 18 credits. Some additional charges and fees will also apply to the cost of studying online. Financial assistance options are available.

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