Best Online Programs Master’s in Theology

An online Master degree in Theology can be broken up into two specific areas of study. There is a Master of Theology or Master of Theological Studies degree or more specific degrees in theology; such as in Christian Studies and Ministries. Either of these Masters’ Degrees strive to minister at a local level, and both have online programs.

We have selected these schools according to curriculum, reputation, and ranking. The best online programs Master’s in Theology are outlined as the following.

Columbia International University, Master of Arts in Theological Studies

Columbia International is a highly renowned school which offers two programs for the Master’s degree in theology.

For those who have not previously completed Theology or Bible studies, the first program introduces these into the core requirements. For students who have completed at least 30 credit hours of study in these areas and church history, they can bypass this coursework at CIU.

Entrance requirements for both programs are a GPA of at least 2.5 and an undergraduate degree from an accredited institution. The total cost for the course is set at $15,000.

New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, Master of Divinity, Master of Arts in Theology, or Master of Arts in Biblical Studies

For students who are looking to serve in pastoral or other ministry callings, The Master of Divinity program at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary (NOBTS) is exceptional. They also offer doctoral studies after preparatory programs.

Students wishing to obtain their Master’s degree must have a Bachelor’s degree in Religion. Potential students should have a GPA of at least 3.0, a church endorsement and a statement of call. Any undergraduate studies will include at least 24 credits with a B grade or better in studies such as philosophy, bible, or theology.

The Master program at NOBTS covers a broad range of curriculum, with a total cost of $14,750 for the entire course.

Ohio Christian University, Master of Arts in Ministry

Ministry skills are the focus of the Master of Arts in Ministry program at Ohio Christian University. Students are thoroughly prepared to serve the church and the community. There are two specialty areas to choose from: Practical Theology or Pastoral Care and Counseling.

The Master’s program is completed in 34 credit hours with courses that include studies of the New Testament and Interpretation, Theology of John Wesley, and a Ministry Capstone. To be considered a student at OCU, a minimum GPA of 2.75 is required. Prospective students must also have at least six credits in Bible studies and three credits in Theology, and a minimum of two years experience as a lay leader or pastor. Two ministry references are required. The Master’s of Theology program at OCU costs $10,880.

Christian Leadership University, Master of Theology

For those who want to deeply study Scripture, this Master of Theology program is intense and beneficial. It is ideal for current ministers and lay leaders wanting to take their education further. This program focuses on applying the Bible to everyday life and developing a deeper relationship with God. The student is thoroughly prepared for service in the Christian community.

Christian Leadership University requires an official Bachelor’s Degree transcript. Ten credit hours are granted for those who have an undergraduate degree in the areas of Ministry or the Bible. The school will also grant credits for valuable life experience such as training seminars, related work or books read.

The Master’s degree program in Theology requires the completion of 40 credits including a Master thesis and practica. It is through practica theories learned in class are applied to real-life situations to determine where the student’s skills and interest are. The entire program costs are $6,000.

Luther Seminary, Master of Theology

The curriculum at Luther Seminary is diverse, centering around six different concentrated areas. These areas include the Bible, Congregational Mission and Leadership, History of Christianity, Pastoral Care, Pastoral Theology and Ministry, or Systematic Theology.

In order to obtain the Master’s of Theology at Luther Seminary, the student must complete six courses with a B grade or better and do a Master thesis. To get into the Theology program, students should be proficient in English plus be able to demonstrate some knowledge of Latin or another modern language. Applicants should also have a minimum GPA of 3.0 and three letters of recommendation. Depending on degree focus area, additional requirements may be applied. For the entire course the cost is $12,000.

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Master of Theological Studies

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary is different than other online schools, in that they pride on being the shortest Master’s degree program. They will waive the internet registration fee for those who are current church staff member serving at least 20 hours a week. They will also allow tuition installments.

To get the Master’s degree in Theology students must complete 36 hours of coursework. There are no special requirements for admission other than an undergraduate degree. The total cost for the program is only $14,400.

Saint Joseph’s College of Maine, Master of Arts in Theology

The Master of Arts in Theology degree program at Saint Joseph’s College is based on the Roman Catholic doctrine and life. Students can choose from one of three focuses including Sacred Theology, Pastoral Theology or Advanced Diaconal Studies.

There are 36 credit hours required to graduate all with an emphasis on serving the church better and having a strong understanding of the Catholic faith. Prospective students need to hold a Bachelor’s Degree with a minimum of a 2.5 GPA. This Master program costs $12,060.

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