Best Online Programs Bachelor’s in Health Sciences

Health science is a general field and an excellent pick for the individuals that would like to have a career in a rapidly changing industry. As the Western population is aging rapidly and many healthcare professionals are retiring, the demand for your specialists will increase.

Individuals that study health sciences focus on a group of disciplines in the medical field. The theoretical knowledge is applied to practical and clinical experiences, enabling medical institutions to provide their patients with better services.

The undergraduate health science degree can be obtained online and various universities have such quality programs. Here are some of the top picks.

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University of Missouri – Columbia

The University of Missouri – Columbia’s bachelor of health science degree covers education in public health (principles and practice), clinical ethics, leadership and organization and theUnited States healthcare system. A core seminar in health science is also included in the program

The program offers possibilities for specialisation in rehabilitation, diagnostics, imaging sciences and health sciences. Once a bachelor’s degree is obtained, students can continue their education in health education, occupational therapy, prosthetics-orthotics, audiology, pharmacy and speech-language pathology.

All university courses have a set tuition fee per credit. Health ethics, for example, costs 350.10 dollars, while health administration costs 750 dollars. The good news is that the university has a couple of financial assistance options.

Rutgers University - New Brunswick

Accredited by more than 20 agencies, the programs provided by Rutgers University are definitely worth considering. The university has an excellent health sciences program.

Some of the program’s courses include chemistry, biology, psychology, rehabilitation, ethics, genetic and lifetime disabilities and research. Online seminars, discussions and individual research work are included in the course of study. After graduation, students can work as medical specialists, consultants and technicians.

The tuition fee is a little bit over 6,000 dollars. Additional fees may also apply and a full list is presented on the program’s official page. Individuals that would like to obtain their undergraduate degree in health sciences should be prepared to spend 13,499 dollars for in-state applicants and 27,523 dollars for out-of-state students.

University of South Dakota

University of South Dakota specialises in practical educational opportunities and it has an excellent online program in the field of health sciences. Both online and campus-based learning opportunities are available, both producing the same degree.

Online students benefit from access to tech support, services for testing the program’s capabilities and an online writing centre for homework, project compiling and notes. Tests are taken via the proctor form for all remote learners who have to take supervised exams.

Students will need to complete 120 credits to get their diploma. The program consists of courses like the interprofessional health care team, health care delivery, principles of health care, patient safety, technology in health care delivery, human anatomy and physiology.

For academic year 2015/2016, the tuition fee per credit is 325.25 dollars. Some additional fees may apply to each online learning opportunity atUniversity ofSouth Dakota.

Florida Gulf Coast University

TheFloridaGulfCoastUniversity is a public educational institution. It provides a number of specialised programs, including a bachelor degree in health science. Available onsite, as well as online, this is a program that includes practical exercises, seminars, project-based work and research, analysis of collected data, study of known cases and discovery of links between those.

The online program also provides an extensive knowledge base, a digital library, note-taking tools, video and audio recordings. The quality of technical support has been described as excellent.

The tuition fee is 4,191 dollars for in-state students and 22,328 for out-of-state. These numbers could vary based on additional courses, electives and qualifying for financial assistance. Getting in touch with the admission team will be best for determining the exact cost.

Drury University

The Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences is one of the older programs available at Drury University. Once the university got the necessary accreditation, it also began offering an online degree in the field.

Both the campus-based and the online program feature identical courses. Some of the most interesting courses focus on general biology, chemistry and healthcare, medical ethics, research methods, analysis and assembly of collected data and psychology.

Official 2015/2016 information suggests that undergraduate students should be ready to spend 24,905 dollars on their education (tuition and fees included). The university has a flexible monthly payment plan, making it easier for all students to pay.

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