Best Online Programs Bachelor’s in Marketing

Marketing professionals have numerous career options to choose among. Some choose traditional advertising fields, others move to the world of digital marketing. Whichever career path is perceived as the most attractive one, a degree in marketing will be a great start.

Depending on their job, marketing professionals can earn anywhere from 46,000 dollars per year (in the case of advertising sales agents) to 116,000 dollars per year (marketing managers). Employment in the field is expected to grow by 32 per cent in the years until 2022, as more and more companies will need professionals aware of consumer behaviour, targeting and more effective promotion.

An online degree is perfect for the individuals that want to study and work at the same time. Here are some of the best remote learning opportunities in the field of marketing.

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University of Alabama at Birmingham

The online bachelor of science in marketing program is characterised by excellent technical support and 100 per cent online courses. Students are free to focus on one of the marketing niches that they’re mostly interested in. Courses are available in the fields of ecommerce, entrepreneurship, international marketing, strategic marketing, planning and research, as well as various other disciplines.

Some of the most interesting courses in the program include retail marketing, professional selling, industrial distribution, social media marketing, marketing research and professional sales management.

Students that get their undergraduate degree fromUniversity ofAlabama atBirmingham have the option to continue and obtain a master’s degree. The program is once again 100 per cent available online.

Indiana Wesleyan University

This program enables students to obtain a bachelor of science degree in marketing with a specialisation in marketing analytics. Thus, students gain the business analysis and problem-solving skills needed for planning and executing an effective campaign in real life.

The major consists of 120 credits. Some of the courses that students will be required to take include foundations of marketing, ethical and legal business concepts, leadership perspective, statistics for marketers, marketing research, predictive marketing analytics and data mining for marketers.

The cost of tuition is 420 dollars per credit hour. The cost of ebooks and fees will also have to be included in the sum. Financial assistance options are available.

Regis University

The bachelor of science in marketing atRegisUniversity is available both as a campus-based and an online program. The two educational opportunities are identical to each other and students will get the same degree, regardless of the academic path that they choose.

Students also have an opportunity to enrol in a combined bachelor’s and master’s degree that consists of a total of 152 credits.

Some of the courses included in this program are oral communication skills, accounting principles and management concepts, global business issues, marketing communication, digital marketing, ethical decision making in business influencing buying behaviour.

The cost of tuition is 460 dollars per credit hour. The additional fees will add up to approximately 50 dollars.

Huntington University

HuntingtonUniversity’s online marketing degree has reached the top positions of several charts for remote learning opportunities. The program consists of 128 credits and specialisation opportunities are available. Students are free to focus their studies in the fields of salesmanship, public relations, social media marketing and digital marketing, market research and graphic design.

The courses that the students will take depend entirely on the field of specialisation that they’d like to pursue.

HuntingtonUniversity is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. It’s one of the top picks in the US News and World Report ranking of online learning opportunities.

Colorado State University Global Campus

The online marketing undergraduate program atColoradoStateUniversity focuses on product strategy, pricing decisions, marketing research and creativity. It brings together business and advertising concepts and offers full flexibility in terms of course completion.

Students can choose among a range of courses. Some of the most interested topics included in the program are applying leadership principles, personal selling, sales management, market research, promotion and public relations, consumer behaviour and retail marketing management.

A range of specialisation opportunities are also available and students can choose to focus on finance, information technology management, professional sales, project management, small business and entrepreneurship, non-profit management and organisational leadership.

The cost per credit hour is 350 dollars and some additional fees will also apply. Financial assistance options are available.

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