Best Online Programs Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Nursing is one of the top professions by recruitment in the medical field, research shows. The demand for professionals having a nursing degree will increase by 19 per cent in the period until 2022, the Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS) reports. The mean annual salary that nurses enjoy in theUS is 65,470 dollars – another good reason to consider a degree in nursing.

If you have a busy schedule or would like to complete the program provided by a distant university, you should opt for an online degree. Here’s a list of several excellent remote learning options that will simplify the process of obtaining a bachelor’s degree in nursing.

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SUNY College of Technology at Delhi

SUNY College of Technology at Delhi is among the academic institutions that have an online undergraduate program in the field of nursing.

The Delhi State University of New York is a national leader in online education, as rated by the US News and World Report.

The course curriculum covers a number of essential topics including health care policy, leadership and management, health promotion, epidemiology, nursing research and more. Three practicum courses are obligatory for all students: Leadership and Management, Community Heath Nursing and Senior Practicum.

The program costs 3,500 dollars for the full 12-credit course. These add up to a bigger sum for the completion of the entire undergraduate program but financial assistance options, grants and loans are available.

University of Alabama

University ofAlabama is another academic institution that has a high quality undergraduate nursing program online.

All of the courses can be completed online and the program has Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) accreditation. A total of 25 credit hours will be needed for the completion of the program. It includes courses like human anatomy and physiology, microbiology (with a lab component), general psychology, human growth and development, nursing informatics, community health for registered nurses and complex client systems.

Students pay 339 dollars per credit, which adds up to 8475 dollars for the completion of the entire program..

Western Carolina University

WesternCarolinaUniversity offers another high quality online RN to BSN program. During the course of education, students will complete a 24-hour core, as well as electives and lab sessions. The entire program can be completed within two years.

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing is the perfect opportunity for improving and deepening your medical knowledge. Some of the most interesting courses included in the program are community health nursing, nursing leadership, nursing research and professional transition in nursing.

The approximate cost is 5,500 dollars for local students. Out-of-state residents would have to pay about 17,000 dollars. Scholarships and financial assistance options are available

Pennsylvania State University

Penn States’s bachelor in science in nursing is a world-class educational program in the medical field. With an online curriculum, this is the fourth-best online nursing program according to the 2015 College Choice report. This fully-accredited program enables for specialised certification in nursing informatics, nursing forensics or the nursing management.

Approved by the Pennsylvania State Board of Nursing, this online undergraduate program consists of courses like mammalian anatomy, introductory physiology (lab is included), microbiology, psychology, pharmacological concepts, nursing care of the elderly and nursing care of children.

The program consists of 120 credits and the tuition cost per credit is 535 dollars for local residents and 579 dollars for out-of-state students. Financial assistance options are available.

Arizona State University

ASU's undergraduate program in nursing is very diversified and it puts emphasis on the practical aspects of the profession. The program features holistic methods and practical exercises. This is an intense learning opportunity and an online degree can be obtained within 15 to 18 months.

Some of the undergraduate online courses that students will need to pass successfully for the completion of the program include nursing research and application, community and public health nursing, nursing management, public and global health in nursing and innovation in nursing.

The good news is that students can transfer up to 64 gen ed credits from another college that they’ve attended. The cost per credit atArizonaStateUniversity is 425 dollars. There could be some additional program fees – more information about all of the charges is available on the program’s official website.

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