Best Online Programs Master’s in Finance

With global economies experiencing shakes and collapses, the need for properly trained and experienced professionals in the field of finance is increasing. If you want to build a stable career, you should consider furthering your education and obtaining a graduate degree in the field.

Some universities have well-developed online graduate degrees that give finance students both theoretical and practical skills for the establishment of a successful career. Here are some of the best remote learning opportunities.

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Arizona State University

Arizona State University has an MBA program with an emphasis on finance. The program is ideal for the students that want to build a career in the corporate world or in the financial services industry.

Some of the most popular financial theories will be reviewed in this 100 per cent online program. In addition, the MBA aims to develop the analytical and critical thinking skills of students.

The electives that enable students to specialise in the field of finance include advanced corporate finance, financial statement analysis, international financial management and investment fundamentals.

Depending on the courses taken, students that are in Arizona State University’s online program should be prepared to spend anywhere from 492 to 852 dollars per credit hour. There are no additional fees and no differentiation between local and out-of-state students.

West Texas A&M University

This university has one of the most affordable, high quality remote programs in the field of finance. The online master of finance and economics has been included in the US News and World Report, when it comes to value.

The degree requirements consist of 21 graduate credits. Some of the courses that the students can choose among include advanced microeconomic theory, economics of health and medical care, money and banking, problems in government finance, corporate governance and financial planning.

Doctoral programs and internship opportunities are also made available to the West Texas A&M online finance students.

When it comes to the cost of the education, in-state students should be prepared to spend 4,108 dollars per academic year while the tuition fee for out-of-state students will be 4,646 dollars per year.

Pennsylvania State University

Penn State’s World Campus features a graduate program in finance that’s 100 per cent delivered online. It covers both practical business considerations, as well as advanced financial theory to give professionals all of the information they need for successful career establishment.

The program consists of 30 credit hours. Some of the courses that students can choose among include quantitative methods in finance, analysis of financial markets, current issues in corporate finance, multinational managerial finance, financial decision processes, portfolio theory and policy, research in security valuation and speculative markets.

A financial residency is also included among the graduation requirements.

The tuition rates are flat and students are expected to pay 1,025 dollars per credit. There are additional information technology fees that are calculated on the basis of enrolment (full or part-time).

Washington State University

Washington State University has an MBA program with a focus on finance. It puts a lot of emphasis on international finance, as well as financial management strategies. US News and World Report for 2013 gave Washington State University the highest grade in terms of online MBA program delivery and ever since, the quality of the degree has been maintained.

The online MBA program also enables concentration in another field of preference like marketing, international business and hospitality business management.

Some of the courses that the students interested in getting their MBA with a focus on finance will be expected to take include problems in financial management, administrative control, investment and commercial banking, financial futures and asset management for personal and business portfolios.

The estimated cost of tuition at the university is 5,884 dollars per academic year for in-state students and 12,600 dollars per year for out-of-state students.

Southern New Hampshire University

The online graduate degree in finance developed by Southern New Hampshire faculty members gives students two concentrations to choose among – corporate finance and investment and securities.

Depending on the enrolment option chosen by the student, a master’s degree in finance can be obtained in as little, as 15 months. Still, students benefit from a lot of flexibility when it comes to taking courses and choosing the format that they feel most comfortable with.

Some of the courses that students will need to take include corporate finance, managerial economics, short-term financial management, option analysis and financial derivatives, multinational corporate finance, quantitative analysis for decision making and money and capital markets.

The cost per credit hour is 627 dollars, which will add up to 1.881 dollars per online course.

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