Best Online Programs Video Game Design

For those who dream about a career in Video Game Design, there are accredited quality programs out there. The biggest advantage to studying video game design is the cost. Another great advantage is some programs can be completed online.

When searching for the ideal education in Video Game Design, consider the strength of the program, the schools’ reputation for successful graduates, tuition costs, and accreditations. Online programs offer some the top notch courses. The selection below is the best online programs video game design across the nation. Some of these schools have earned them attention from objective sources like U.S. News and College Prowler.

Software Development: Online Major in Game Software Development

Tuition: $15,000/yr

Both software development and game design programs are available online at Westwood College. Westwood understands that successful products like Xbox and Play station only achieved popularity with the help of intelligent software engineers. It is with this philosophy they have designed a program which disseminates essential programming, graphics, architecture, and computer assembly information. Those with a particular interest in game development can opt for classes in artificial intelligence and game engine architecture. Students are also given the opportunity to design a complete working game to showcase their skills in interviews. Westwood College proudly has earned an A in online courses from College Prowler.

Game Design & Programming Online

Tuition: $17,020/yr

Game art & design students at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh start with the fundamentals such as drawing, color, and design. Then they will move on to develop animation skills for game design, scriptwriting, storyboarding, and character design. Other courses include scripting, the basics of 2D and 3D modeling and animation, physics, and texture mapping. They learn technical, programming, and problem-solving skills and work with classmates on team projects. The College Prowler has awarded The Art Institute of Pittsburgh an A for their guidance in career services and excellence in online courses.

Online Animation Technology Degree

Tuition: $14,400/yr

The International Academy of Design and Technology is under the graphic design wing of Sanford Brown. Sanford Brown is a popular online college with both virtual classes and campuses available in multiple U.S. states. Students have the opportunity to pursue the B.S. in Animation Technology as an online programs focusing on foundational aptitudes they must have to excel in the production of short animated works. Students first develop their artistic talents, participating in traditional drawing and design classes at the beginning of the degree plan. Online learners can enroll in animation, special effects, and motion graphics classes and practice translating their talents to the digital screen. College Prowler gives Sanford-Brown an A in academic experience, academic flexibility, and tuition/financial aid.

Online Game Software Development Bachelor of Computer Science

Tuition: $8,100/yr

Get an A B.S. in Computer Science from Baker College’s game software development program. This is a well-known program available to assist students into entry-level positions in the gaming industry. The intriguing curriculum covers all aspects of programming technologies, software engineering, and the latest and greatest in gaming development. Online learners will enjoy a truly comprehensive academic experience. It begins with basic modeling and animation leading to advanced game programming and finally an exciting senior design project. Super Scholar has recognized Baker’s online programs as some of the most affordable in the nation, labeling this college a “smart choice.” Additionally, the school’s placement rates are quite high, with 97% of Baker’s available graduates currently employed.

Interactive Media Design Degree Program Online

Tuition: $10,681/yr

Franklin University offers a diverse interactive media design program for aspiring game designers who want that significant edge in the field. Instead of focusing on the technical aspects of gaming, classes at Franklin also cover artistic and management aspects. This online program puts graduates in a position to develop eye-catching products and manage team members in the process. Classes will also cover mobile apps, web development, front-end design, and media-rich content, allowing students to explore project management, communications, and concepts. Graduates have found work as interface designers, social media specialists, web developers, and instructional designers. With this online degree graduates can pursue careers as game designers and testers as well.

Online Game Design and Development Degree

Tuition: $15,630/yr

Daniel Webster College expertly melds artistic design with modern technological application with their online degrees. DWC offers two complementary degrees. Students have the option of game design or a game programming. Members of both programs can collaborate on projects and share their newfound knowledge. This college also acknowledges the changing landscape of consumer gaming, and assists students gain the marketing, finance, and entrepreneurism skills they should have to sell their creations directly. Daniel Webster College game design program understands the importance of hands-on training, so students are given multiple opportunities to complete capstone courses, develop a portfolio, and apply for internships.

Online Web Game Programming Degree Specialization

Tuition: $16,010/yr

DeVry University is a well-known popular choice for adult, online learners, and for those interested in computer science and technology degrees. The university offers a web game programming specialization which incorporates a broad range of multimedia design courses into the curriculum. Students can acquire training in animated movies, sound effects, and graphic images. The department strategically requires online game design degree members to complete generalized programming courses in addition to game-specific courses. This allows students to have a wider palette of career options once they graduate.

Game Art & Design Bachelor of Arts Online

Tuition: $17,416

The Art Institute of Phoenix is designed around an “art school” as well as computer lovers and tech heads. One such degree is the bachelor’s in game design and programming, which puts the latest and greatest courses regarding digital imaging, 3D modeling, texture mapping, 2D animation, and digital storytelling right into the students’ hands. The school boasts some truly notable online game design degree alumni, including a creative director at Sony and key developers on some of the most high-profile games on the market. College Prowler score The Art Institute of Phoenix an A- in both career services and online courses.

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