Best Online Master’s Programs in Criminal Justice

The profession of criminal justice specialists is dynamic and exciting. The skills and theoretical background acquired in university happen to be of paramount importance for doing a good job every single time and employing the best strategies.

Online criminal justice programs are already available and several reputable universities have catered to the needs of students interested in remote learning opportunities. These programs are usually the same as the campus-based education and the curricula are developed by the very same faculty members. The following list includes some of the best graduate remote learning opportunities in the field of criminal justice.

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University of California – Irvine

According to US News and World Report,University ofCaliforniaIrvine is the university that has the best graduate program in criminal justice. The university has gotten top scores for faculty credentials, admission selectivity and student engagement.

The online master of advanced study in criminology program consists of various courses like legal institutions and society, crime and social deviance, public policy and criminal justice, research methods, leadership, hate crimes, sentencing and corrections, white collar crime and conflict resolution.

The annual fee of being enrolled in the program is 13,172 dollars. Students can get their graduate degree in two years. The cost is the same for in-state and out-of-state students. Financial support and student loan options are available.

University of Cincinnati

The online master in criminal justice program comes with a couple of concentration options. Students may choose to specialise in topics like analysis of criminal behaviour, law enforcement and crime prevention and corrections/offender rehabilitation.

If students decide to go for the general track (no concentration), some of the course requirements will include seminar in criminal justice, seminar in criminology, basic research methods, juvenile justice, law and social control, correctional rehabilitation, applied crime prevention, computer criminology – cyber crime and digital security and seminal in police effectiveness.

Theuniversity ofCincinnati inOhio was founded in 1819 and it is classified as a doctoral/research university by Carnegie Commission. The Southwest Journal of Criminal Justice has given a top ranking to the online graduate degree program.

When it comes to the cost of tuition, the fee per credit is 724 dollars forOhio residents and 739 dollars for out-of-state students.

Arizona State University

This is another online criminal justice program that ranks high in the US News and World Report chart. The university has received very high scores for faculty credentials, student engagement and student services/technology.

Depending on commitment and available time, students can get their degree in approximately 18 months (for full-time students).

This is a 33-credit program. Some of the topics that students will focus on include research methods, statistics in criminal justice, policy analysis, program planning and management and effectiveness evaluation. The program also features a mandatory capstone course – theory and practice in criminal justice. This course has all students write a detailed paper about criminal justice practices and their theoretical background.

The cost per credit is 492 dollars, which brings the total cost of the program to 16,236 dollars. Additional fees and taxes may apply.

Florida State University

TheFloridaStateUniversity is one of the oldest academic institutions inFlorida. This is a premium research university and it attracts millions of dollars for new research and clinical studies. The university also has a high quality graduate program in criminal justice.

The program consists of 36 credit hours – 15 dedicated to core courses and 21 credits available for electives. Some of the courses included in this program are survey criminological theories, computer applications in criminal justice, criminal law procedures and individual rights, prevention and treatment of crime and delinquency, criminal justice administration, penology and victimology.

Graduate students fromFlorida should be prepared to spend 479 dollars per credit hour. The fee for out-of-state students is 1,110 dollars per credit hour.

Michigan State University

MichiganStateUniversity is the final entry in the list. It has an online master’s in criminal justice degree that has been available since 1998. Depending on their interests, students can go for the general program or specialise in security management.

Some of the courses that the program consists of include crime causation and prevention, design and analysis in criminal justice, criminal justice management, quantitative methods in criminal justice, policy analysis under conditions of change and a proseminar in criminal justice.

Both resident and out-of-state students should be prepared to spend 688 dollars per credit hour.

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