California’s 10 Most Beautiful Campuses

If you’re looking for a beautiful college campus then California is definitely a great place to start. It offers an array of beautiful places to spend your time and of course some pretty great weather as well. These colleges are some of the best for beauty but they’re also going to be some pretty prestigious schools for your education as well. So you won’t have to sacrifice a beautiful landscape to get a high class education. Check out these top ten and find even more here.


Stanford University

A school you’ve no doubt heard of, Stanford is one of the most prestigious schools in the country. It also offers a beautiful scenic view from the dorm rooms as well as from the road. As you come up to the school you’ll be surrounded by palm trees and intricate red clay tiles. Each building is aesthetically designed for beauty and elegance as well as a great atmosphere for expanding your horizons and learning some new things.


Pepperdine University

Another well-known university, Pepperdine comes in number two with its beautiful atmosphere in the Catalina Islands. It offers amazing views of the Pacific Ocean and provides students the ability to explore the ocean whenever the mood strikes. Beautiful dorms make this an excellent atmosphere and of course the Mediterranean architecture draws in many with its elegant style and more than beautiful scenery. You won’t get bored looking around this campus.


University of San Diego

Located in beautiful and sunny California, the University of San Diego is designed in a Spanish Renaissance style and provides a beautiful view of the Mission Bay and San Diego skyline. It also offers a beautiful chapel known as Immaculata. A design in keeping with what you would expect from a California school, this university is able to promote industry as well as interest in its students from the top of its immaculate buildings to its beautifully landscaped grounds.


Scripps College

This beautiful school may not be as well-known to most but that doesn’t mean it’s any less beautiful. It offers a campus covered in gardens and trees and also has a relaxed atmosphere about the dorms. It boasts an array of Mediterranean style buildings and a gorgeous gallery. It’s a remarkable campus and has been voted one of the most beautiful in America for a number of years. A small college it’s much easier to maintain and expound upon the beauty and prestige of this wonderful campus.


University of California-Santa Cruz

If you’ve ever been interested in the Redwood Forests then UC Santa Cruz is definitely a place to go. It offers gorgeous views of these old trees as well as amazing opportunities to experience the Pacific Ocean. Home to some of the most modern architecture in the state, UC Santa Cruz has a contemporary style and even boasts a beautiful Great Meadow for students to enjoy the outdoors and the beauty of several wooden shrines located throughout the area.


Occidental College

Close to Los Angeles this school is actually considered one of the best in the country. Built in the 1900’s the school was designed by Myron Hunt who was also responsible for the Rose Bowl. It features a number of tree lined streets and walks and has beautiful gathering places for students to share in cultural and social events. The original buildings are still in use in many ways and offer an amazing experience for all students who attend.


University of the Pacific

This university has actually moved several times though it’s currently located in Stockton. It features beautiful English Tudor Gothic styling from the Burns Tower to other famous landmarks of the school. There are rose gardens, trees and some excellent quality dorms that make this university one of the best in the area. It also features some amazing views and climates from the Pacific Ocean which students and staff alike are quick to comment on.


Loyola Marymount University

Trees surround this campus offering a beautiful view from anywhere in the school. It’s also located on a bluff which allows everyone the opportunity to experience the Marina Del Rey mountains. With a contemporary design, this campus is a perfect mix of old and new. It still brings a host of beauty and elegance to the state and the students who study there. You’ll love this unique environment.


Point Loma Nazarene

In the midst of San Diego lies this school with a gorgeous view of the Pacific Ocean and some of the best student housing offered throughout the country. It is made in a Victorian, European Symbolist and Greek style with an eclectic band of buildings scattered throughout the campus. The theatre in the center of campus is one of the most elegant you will see anywhere and offers a beautiful experience.


Westmont College

The final college on our list is Westmont which is located in the beautiful Montecito Hills. Surrounded by trees and gardens this university is located close to the mountains and offers great views . Located near the ocean as well there is plenty of time and opportunity for outdoor experiences. The campus is designed in a Mediterranean style and features white buildings as an accent to this architecture.

Finding a beautiful campus can be important because you really want to experience something great during your time at school. You’re going to be there for at least two years and most likely four or more. No one wants to be staring out at boring fields and uneventful views for four years. Having the experience of excellent dorm rooms, beautiful scenery and quality buildings is going to make your time at one of these California universities better than it would be anywhere else. Remember there are plenty more beautiful universities in the area and throughout the country so take some time to look at each of them and decide which is going to be the best opportunity for you. There’s plenty to choose from.

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