America’s 10 Most Beautiful Campuses

There are a number of beautiful universities and colleges located throughout America. One each coast and throughout the center of the country are places that have been deemed more beautiful than any other and you may be surprised just where some of them are located. If you’re looking for a beautiful place to call home for the next four years of your life then you’ll want to check out these campuses and what they have to offer for you and anyone else who might be interested. Of course it’s not all about beauty but these schools will also offer a lot in the way of education.


Elon University

Located in North Carolina, this university is actually deemed a botanical garden as well. The landscaping of the facility is considered a part of the learning experience and not just tangential to it. Another testament to the beauty of the campus is that it’s been used as a site in several movies. It’s made the top spot in a number of different lists and that’s why it’s also taking the top spot on our list. Elegant colonial style will captivate you as you walk up the front walk of this school.


Kenyon College

Well known for having some excellent teams in the water, this school in Ohio is also quite a beautiful one. It has a Gothic Revival style its oldest building is believed to be the oldest Gothic Revival building in the entire country. Surrounded by beautiful trees and landscapes, this university has a rustic appeal for many of its students and has been named as one of the most beautiful in the country for a number of years.


Sewanee: University of the South

Known for its beauty and the experiences of southern charm that go along with it, this campus features well-known buildings such as the Tennessee Williams Center and All Saints. Family endowment from the Center enables the university to offer an array of great experiences for the students as well as keep the grounds and buildings looking beautiful enough to keep it on the list of most beautiful campuses for several years running. It’s been featured in a number of magazines as well as making a number of different lists as one of the best and most beautiful campuses in the country.


Pepperdine University

Located on the Catalina Islands this university has much to offer in the way of education and beauty. It has some of the best student dorms you’ll find anywhere and of course the buildings are located right on the beach. Buildings are decked out in Mediterranean style and provide a lovely landscape of lush trees and vegetation that draws in even the most uncertain of students. You’ll have the opportunity to see and experience all there is to offer on these beautiful islands.


Lewis & Clark College

You may not have heard of this university before but no doubt you have heard of the explorers it’s named after. Located in Portland, Oregon this campus is approximately 130 acres and offers views of the famous Mt. Hood. It is also right next to the Tryon Creek State Natural Area which has led to LEED certification for many of the buildings on campus. Sitting on Palatine Hill this school has plenty of beauty to offer for itself as well as its wonderful surroundings.


Emory University

Located in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia, this university has its own museum, the Michael C. Carlos Museum and exhibits artwork from around the world. Lullwater Park (also on campus) offers over 100 acres of natural wilderness and hiking trails for anyone who wishes to experience even more of the outdoors. If you’re interested in classical architecture and an old-fashioned style you will love this university. A typical southern campus it features elegant buildings in an old-world atmosphere that will almost make you think you’ve gone back in time.


Loyola Marymount University

Sitting on the Del Rey Hills this university is located in California and has plenty to offer in the way of beauty and elegance. It has views of the Playa del Rey and the Pacific Ocean which will most definitely draw you in. The Sculpture Gardens and walkways feature amazing artwork and excellent styles of architecture that you will not find anywhere else. The beauty and magnificence of everything about this campus will draw anyone in.


The College of William & Mary

One of the oldest campuses on our list and one that’s well-known for this fact, William & Mary has over 1200 acres and some beautiful sites. It features wooded areas, ponds and Georgian/Anglo-Dutch architecture. The Christopher Wren building on campus is considered the oldest collegiate building located in the entire country . Located in Williamsburg, Virginia this college may be old but that doesn’t make it any less beautiful and imposing to those who visit every year.


Dartmouth College

Founded initially in 1769 some of the oldest original buildings still stand, built in 1820. It offers several amazing experiences as well as the Hopkins Center for the Arts and the Baker-Berry Library. These features are intended to help all students become more well-rounded and are some of the best in the country. The Upper Valley and Connecticut River allow for excellent experiences around the outdoors and provide a beautiful scenic atmosphere.


University of Hawaii at Manoa

As if we needed another reason to think that Hawaii was a beautiful place to be, the University of Hawaii features the famous Diamond Head volcano and Waikiki Beach. Students have the opportunity to study at Lyon Arboretum and the Polynesian Cultural Center. Of course the list to get into this university is quite long.

If you’re looking for beauty and aren’t sure where to start then check out this list. It will provide you with even more beautiful campuses to check out which are located throughout the country. You’ll be more than happy to experience everything they have to offer.

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