Where to find medical billing and coding jobs?

According to the ‘American Bureau of Labor Statistics’, the growth aspects of a career in the medical billing and coding profession are predicted to increase, by 25%, by 2022. The growth rate for certified medical billers and coders will be even higher as more and more employees now prefer to hire certified professionals over the non-certified ones. In order to take advantage of this booming opportunity, it is very important to grow your network and get in touch with other professionals in your field. The best way to do so is to become a member of the ‘American Medical Billing Association’. Networking will help you keep a track of new jobs and opportunities available in your field. The following lists some of the best networking sites and job portals where can find a medical billing and coding job.



LinkedIn is a combination of networking site and a job portal. There is no fee to sign-up for a LinkedIn account. All that is required is an email id and a password. Once you have signed up, fill in your profile details and you ready to begin networking. In a true sense, your LinkedIn profile is your online resume. You can upload your photo, write some information about yourself that might be attractive to the employers and list of job you have previously worked in. Once your profile is 100% complete, you are ready to network and connect with other professionals. You also have an option to be contacted by employers, and a list of jobs related to your profile is regularly displayed on the main page. It will also suggest connections with people you may know according to your profile information, company affiliations and shared relationships.



Indeed.com is purely a job portal which finds and collects job postings from various sources and displays them, in one place. For instance, suppose you find a job posting that you like, when you click on it, you will be redirected either to the company’s main site or another job portal to apply. The search criteria is very flexible; you can write down a particular position and place where you want to work and all the matching options will be displayed. It is also available in a mobile version, thus, enabling you to conveniently search for new jobs from anywhere, at any time. The app can be downloaded from the Android or iOS store, depending on your smartphone.



Careerbuilder takes job searching to another level. You don’t even have to type in the keywords, to look for a job. The site scans your resume and displays job which match the content, on your resume. Thus, it holds a hidden opportunity to get to know about those posting, which you may otherwise miss. You can also take a career test to know where you stand as a professional, and the areas you need to improve. The test also displays suitable job options based on your answers, thus, helping you to evaluate your career path.



HireInsider helps you to stay aware of the competition in your field. When you apply for a job, a free report is generated displaying the number of people who have applied for the same job and information about their resume and cover letter score, education, salary and experience along with job postings, based on the typed keywords. This report is an added advantage as it allows you to analyze and compare your resume and skills with others and gives you an opportunity to improve them.



Monster.com is a combination of a job portal and career guidance center. You can type in the keywords including the position and place which you are searching for a job and exclude the areas you do not want to see results from. A list of available jobs will be displayed on your screen. The site also contains a section for career advice where you can gain knowledge about several different career opportunities. You can also research the salary packages offered by different companies based on skills, experience and location with the help of the ‘Salary calculator’. You can add different resumes to your monster profile and apply to many job postings with your monster profile, which eliminates the need of applying for each job separately. This feature saves valuable time. Another advantage to have an account on monster.com is that you can connect your LinkedIn profile to your monster profile, which only helps in increasing your chances of finding a better job, in less time. Monster.com also gives you an opportunity to connect with the recruiters, in your particular field. However, this feature is a paid service where in your resume is sent to the most influential recruiters in your field.



SimplyHired collects several job postings from other job portals, social media sites and company sites and displays them, in one place. The site also displays how many new jobs have been added in your area of expertise since you last signed in. The mobile version of this job portal is also available in the form of SimplyHired app which can be downloaded from the Google store or your smartphone’s app store. You can search and save jobs for later which are displayed on your screen when you log-in, the next time. The search criteria is also flexible, putting you in charge of the kind of posts you want to see based on the keywords, education, company, location, experience etc.



Glassdoor is yet another revolutionary job search site which not only displays the perfect job opportunities, based on your search criteria, but also provides you information about the salary trends for various companies based on experience, skills and locations. The site also has a company review section where you can research the companies you want to apply to and compare them. You can also filter your search in terms of the date the job is listed, company ratings, and type of job you want: full-time, part-time, internship, entry level, contract, or temporary.



This is a site completely dedicated to the medical billing and coding profession. The site displays various job resources and postings throughout the industry. All you need to do is post your resume and fill in the application for a particular job, you want to apply for.



Last but not the least; AAPC is one of the best places to find a job extensively in medical coding and billing profession. You can browse through various job postings in the health care jobs database to find your best match and network with numerous other professional coders through the ‘AAPC employment forums’. The site also has a project called the ‘Project Xtern’ to help new professionals in the field obtain hands-on experience

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