How Do You Become a Certified Travel Counsellor?

The travel industry these past few years has gained tremendous popularity due to the rising demands of people for a relaxing and enjoyable way to spend holidays. Accordingly, a certified travel counsellor is one of the most sought after careers in this arena. This has become a promising job in the travel and tourism agencies which is a great aid for clients who love to travel.

With millions of individuals who are travelling each year, this career is projected to be more in demand in the near future. Being a travel counsellor is not only a promising career for many professionals but offers them a lucrative salary. If you wanted to a part of this growing career, there are several set of qualifications and requirements that one needs to comply.

The Ways to become a Certified Travel Counsellor

Like any other jobs, the travel and tourism industry likewise requires a pool of certified travel counsellor. To be able to join the team, one must complete the following qualifications:


Education Requirement

An applicant must have earned a high school diploma or GED. It is also better that applicants have attended at least a two-year program in travel and tourism which is offered in several colleges. Preferably, an applicant in order to gain adequate preparation about the job is to earn a bachelor’s degree in travel and tourism industry. Students under these studies are trained and prepared on principles regarding travel and tourism. Likewise, part of their classes is actual field experiences working on local or foreign hotels or restaurants. Included in the studies are the leisure and recreation classes, human resource management, marketing and convention planning as well as hotel management. Acquiring in this type of degree allows the applicant to have adequate background and readiness on the actual job.


Certification Requirement

Travel industry organization such as the Travel Institute provides travel counsellors with certification. Through the certified travel associate program that trainings and certifications are offered. Under this program core courses are offered including business writing, special interest on travel, customer service and touring the world. To be qualified to undertake the CTA program, a candidate must have earned at least 18 months experience on any licensed travel industry. There are two options to secure the CTA credential: (1) taking of test which is highly recommended to applicants who have longer years of experience in travel industry; and (2) to accomplish the eight core courses and pass the test. After successfully complied either of the two option, an applicant can be awarded with CTA credential. Recertification is required to those who have successfully earned their CTA credential.


Certified Travel Counsellor (CTC)

Anyone who wishes to become a certified travel counsellor (CTA) must have earned a CTA credential and a full time travel industry experience of at least five (5) years. A CTC curriculum is likewise required to be completed by an applicant which includes management, finance and business courses. An examination is also given in which an applicant should pass as well as completing a 2,000 to 3,000 white paper in which the topic focuses on travel and tourism industry. Travel counsellors once certified should recertify every year.

Travel agents basically may work either for corporate employment or independent travel agencies. Included in their scheme of work is informing clients regarding the necessary travel papers and warnings as well as current exchange rates. Organizing travel arrangements are also done by a travel agent specifically from a large company. The information that these professionals provide clients who are traveling abroad or in domestic locations is very crucial.

​If you are interested in this kind of career, it is very possible to join the group of travel counsellors. As long as you have the necessary qualifications, you can take one step closer to the achievement of your career. Remember that it is very important to have a specific travel and tourism studies to be more qualified. Coursework, trainings and exams achieved before being a certified travel counsellor cannot be earned overnight; you need to work it out. Once certified, you are now one leap forward in achieving perks including salaries and benefits that each travel agent enjoys!

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