Five Best Paying Online Degrees in 2016

When choosing higher education, it’s important to be practical and to think about the future. Certain degrees give graduate better professional opportunities and a chance to earn a much higher salary than their fellow alumni.

In 2016, certain career will continue rising to prominence and they’ll result in lucrative employment opportunities. The following list features some of the education choices to make, if you want financial stability in the future.


For a long time, people having an engineering degree have ranked among the best-paid professionals in theUS andCanada. 2016 is going to be no exception.

According to 2015 data, an engineer can expect to earn 62,998 dollars per year. A person having more specialised knowledge, like a petroleum engineer, can expect even better financial remuneration. A petroleum engineer earns a median annual salary of 99,546 dollars. Aerospace engineers can expect to make approximately 78,060 dollars per year, reports.

Many colleges have undergraduate and graduate engineering programs that specialise in different fields. Some of the learning opportunities could be available in a hybrid format due to the fact that practical exercises will be needed to give future engineers sufficient knowledge.

Computer Science

As computers become a more and more integral part of our lives, people studying computer science will get to benefit from wonderful professional opportunities and lucrative salaries. Computer science is a relatively easy online program that gives alumni a chance to choose among various professions.

According to PayScale data, people having a bachelor’s degree in computer science have several very popular career choices. The top one is senior software developer. These professionals have a lot of experience, which is why their annual salaries can reach the impressive 144,028 dollars.

A software developer can expect to earn up to 118,359 dollars per year and a software engineer – up to 124,162 dollars per year. Computer science graduates may also choose to become application developers (up to 118,536 dollars per year), project managers (91,500 dollars per year) and IT directors (average salary of 115,000 dollars per year).

Needless to say, completing a graduate degree program online will result in even better opportunities, as well as a higher salary.

Business Administration

A person that has a bachelor’s degree in business administration, just like a computer science graduate, will have a number of lucrative career options to choose among.

The best-paid career for those professionals is operations manager. An experiences operations manager can earn more than 91,000 dollars per year, PayScale reports.

Human resources management is another popular career choice within the field. The best HR managers earn upwards of 88,000 dollars. People that hold an undergraduate degree in business administration can also become financial analysts (approximately 73,000 dollars per year), accountants (up to 64,612 dollars per year), senior accountants (up to 78,406 dollars), account managers (up to 81,863 dollars) and staff accountants (slightly over 57,000 dollars per year).


Just like engineering degrees, finance diplomas have also always resulted in excellent professional options for graduates. Even if you only complete an undergraduate degree in finance online, you’ll still get an opportunity to earn a lucrative salary.

The best-paid professionals that have a degree in finance are finance managers. The highest salary they can earn is 136,956 dollars per year. Operations managers can earn up to 94,541 dollars per year and senior financial analysts will earn up to 90,950 dollars per year.

Other career choices for people having an online undergraduate degree in finance include financial analyst (73,493 dollars), staff accountant, credit analyst (65,947 dollars) and business analyst (84,000 dollars per year).


It’s relatively easy to complete a marketing program online. It doesn’t have a scientific component and the major is ideal for creative individuals that want to work in a rapidly evolving field.

A marketing degree is once again a door to a number of professional development options. The best-paid experts that need undergraduate degrees in marketing are the marketing directors. Depending on the company that this expert works for, a marketing director can earn up to 159,466 dollars per year.

Marketing graduates can also work as marketing managers (up to 97,436 dollars per year), vice presidents in charge of sales (125,000 dollars), project managers (60,000 dollars), business development managers (73,000 dollars), marketing specialists (59,780 dollars) and marketing coordinators (37,067 dollars). Many individuals interested in a marketing career begin as marketing coordinators and gradually, they get opportunities to climb up the professional ladder.

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