Best Online Programs Bachelor’s in Business Administration

Focusing on business and entrepreneurship during your academic studies is a wonderful opportunity for enjoying career stability and advancement opportunities. This is one of the main reasons why business administration has remained a top major for so many years.

A bachelor’s degree in business administration is ideal for practically-oriented individuals that want to find a good job. Most undergraduates find a job as top executives such as operations managers (median annual salary 60,438 dollars according to PayScale), chief operating officers (135,000 dollars per year) and chief financial officer (121,000 dollars) if they’re committed enough and they focus on climbing the career ladder.

Would you like to get a degree in business administration on your own terms? If so, an online program is the right educational opportunity to pursue. Many universities have 100 per cent online undergraduate studies in business administration and here are some of the top options.

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University of Florida

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at the University of Florida is a full-time online program that consists of 120 credits. Core courses in this major include legal business environment, business finance, international business and marketing principles. Professional development courses are also obligatory for receiving the diploma and some of them include effective career management in business, writing and speaking in business and computing in the business environment.

Tuition for this online major includes all standard educational fees plus additional technological charges for web-based platform support. This university has ranked towards the top of various charts for affordable education. The cost per credit hour is 112 dollars and when the additional charges are applied, it adds up to 129.18 dollars.

University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

The online BS in Business Management by the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities has a diversified and rich curriculum with an emphasis on practical skills. Some of the courses that students need to take include operations management, innovation management, financial accounting, marketing principles, writing for business and managerial finance.

The cost of attending theUniversity ofMinnesota – Twin Cities online program in business administration is somewhat on the expensive side. The charge per credit, fees included, is 436.54 dollars. Students can apply for a range of financial assistance possibilities.

University of Alabama

Things are somewhat different when it comes to the online bachelor’s degree in commerce and business administrations at the University of Alabama where you will also focus on human resources, sales, recruitment, entrepreneurship and non-profit business development.

This major is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).

To be admitted for this 120-credit course program, applicants must present transcripts from all previous colleges, schools and universities, regardless of time passed since graduation. The tuition fee per credit hour is 339 dollars, which adds up to approximately 40,000 dollars for the completion of the entire program.

East Carolina University

East Carolina University has a well-developed online learning platform that simplifies the task of accessing materials and completing assignments.

Unlike other programs, the Bachelor of Science in business administration at the ECU requires 123 credit hours for completion – a bit longer than the standard. Some of the required courses are writing for business and industry, managerial accounting, strategic management, business decision modelling, cultural environment of international business and human resource management.

When it comes to tuition and fees,EastCarolinaUniversity charges 140 dollar per credit for residents and 666.59 dollars for out-of-state participants in the remote learning opportunity. Financial assistance options are available.

Florida International University

Florida International University is a leader in all kinds of online college rankings, regardless of the major in focus. Needless to say, this university has a high quality undergraduate program in the field of business administration.

Its bachelor of business administration is focused on management and leadership. Core courses include calculus for business, macro- and microeconomics, accounting decisions, planning and control. Some of the intriguing electives are management and international business, human resource management, legal environment of business, application of quantitative methods and advanced communication. Students need to take 120 credits to complete the major.

When it comes to tuition, in-state students have to pay slightly over 215 dollars per credit and out-of-state students face charges of 333 dollars per credit. The entire course of study will cost 25,800 and 39,960 respectively.

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