Four of the Best Medical Terminology Certificates

Want to pursue a career in the field of medicine? If so, you’ll have to get started with the ABCs of this academic discipline. Medical terminology plays an important role of just about every part of the process. From diagnosing patients to communicating treatment information, medical professionals have to be on the same pages when it comes to the phrases being used.

One of the first steps towards accomplishing your goal is acquiring a certificate in medical terminology. This certificate can be quite beneficial during the job search process and it will help you stand out among all of the candidates.

Many academic institutions and course developers have courses and certificates in the field of medical terminology. Choosing the most reputable certificate and doing your research before enrolling will be determining for making the most of the opportunity.

University of California’s Medical Terminology Certificate

University of California gives students access to a course that’s based on a combined anatomy and physiology approach. This is a web-based course that will result in obtaining a certificate upon the successful completion of the program. The course is designed to last for four weeks.

It’s a good idea to get registered for the certification program as soon as possible since some of the upcoming dates already have waiting lists.

The cost of the program is 195 dollars. A textbook is also required. All enrolled students will be required to purchase Medical Terminology, 5 Edition and the cost of this book is 98 dollars. This brings the cost of the certificate up to 293 dollars.

Des Moines University

Des Moines University has one of the most affordable certificates in the field of medical terminology. You can complete the program itself for free but if you’d like to get a certificate, you’ll have to pay 75 dollars.

The course focuses on all of the medical terminology essentials including roots, prefixes and suffixes, abbreviations and the origins of the most common medical terminology. It’s available both in English and Spanish.

Upon the completion of the program, students will be asked to take a graded final quiz. This quiz is used to assess the knowledge of the course participants and to determine whether they’re going to receive certificates.

Ashworth College

AshworthCollege has a medical terminology online course that also gives participants an official certificate upon the completion of the program. The study materials focus on the origins of medical terms, how these are formed and the terminology used in anatomy, diagnostics, diseases and treatments.

The program is 100 per cent online based and most students need approximately three months for its successful completion. On top of getting access to the online platform, students will also benefit from textbooks, study guides and career guidance.

There are several payment options. If students choose to pay the entire sum prior to enrolling, the course will cost 525 dollars. Alternatively, they may want their credit card to be charged automatically each month. In this case, the course will cost 600 dollars. In the case of online or mail monthly payments, the price of the certificate is 660 dollars.

American Association of Professional Coders

The American Association of Professional Coders (AAPC) is another entity that’s accredited to hand out medical terminology certificates upon the completion of its online course.

This is a course that strictly focuses on medical terminology in the field of medical billing and coding. As such, this specialised learning opportunity is ideal for the individuals that are considering a career in the field. It’s also suitable for everyone else that would like to pursue professional development in non-clinical healthcare.

Both textbooks and online coaching support are available to enrolled students. The learning opportunity consists of 21 individual chapters and 10 module tests. A final exam will also have to be taken before students get their certificates. The course is to be completed within two months of the starting date.

The medical terminology course costs 520 dollars. AAPC also has a range of other online courses like anatomy. If the two courses are taken together, students will benefit from a discount and the cost for both is going to be 695 dollars.

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