How Much do Medical Couriers Make?

A medical courier is a professional that typically works with laboratories and medical facilities. The job of this expert is to deliver medical supplies, lab materials and samples. The specialised nature of these responsibilities determines the job specifics and has an impact on the medical courier salary, as well.

Regardless of the various responsibilities, the job is considered an entry-level one. Since it’s open to just about anyone having a high school diploma and a driver’s license, the professional opportunity is seen as quite lucrative. Here’s how much a medical or a lab courier makes.

Medical Courier Salary in the US

A laboratory courier in theUnited States earns a median annual salary of 26,942 dollars, reports.

The worst-paid 10 per cent of professionals in the field (usually beginners that hold an entry-level position) earn 21,613 dollars per year. The most experienced medical couriers can expect to earn up to 34,326 dollars per year.

When it comes to hourly payments, the national average is 13 dollars per hour. Inexperienced lab couriers can expect to earn about 10 dollars per hour and some of the best professionals in the field will make up to 17 dollars per hour.

Some of the additional bonuses that medical couriers get to enjoy on top of their salary include social security, 401K/403B, disability payments, healthcare, pension and paid vacation. The total compensation, having the bonuses added, reaches up to an average of 41,830 dollars per year.

Medical Courier Salary in Canada

According to SimplyHired data, a medical courier inCanada can expect to earn a median annual salary of 32,000 Canadian dollars per year.

Medical couriers often work on a part-time basis, in which case they earn an hourly payment. The median hourly payment inCanada is 17 Canadian dollars, according to The most experienced couriers will earn up to 26.87 dollars per hour and the compensation for overtime work is 39.15 Canadian dollars per hour.

Career Specifics

Being a medical or a lab courier is quite different from working for a standard courier company. The equipment and vehicles used are specialised, allowing for the safe and effective transportation of biological samples and even hazardous materials.

Other than those specifics, medical couriers don’t have to deal with any specialised tasks. They usually work with GPS technology and a smartphone that enables them to stay in touch with clients. Medical couriers will also often have to operate a handheld scanning device that are needed to keep track of the deliveries for the day and the progress being made.

Though only a driver’s license is required, professionals that have knowledge of at least basic medical terminology will enjoy better professional opportunities than other couriers. The medical or lab courier will often interact with physicians, nurses and lab technicians. Having at least basic knowledge of the common terminology can make the job a whole lot easier and the interactions with medical professionals – more productive.

Opportunities to Start a Business

Individuals that have some entrepreneurial skills may consider starting their own business in the field of medical pick ups and deliveries. The need for such specialised services is growing all of the time. Many hospitals and clinics don’t have the facilities to perform certain tests, which is why they need samples to be transported daily to specialised laboratories.

Individuals that are interested in such opportunities may consider working as a medical or lab courier for a certain period of time. This way, they can acquire insider knowledge that will be essential for starting a successful company.

When establishing a business, it’s important to determine the range of medical equipment and samples that the company will be transporting. This decision will affect the type of vehicles and accessories that will have to be purchased. A reputable medical transportation service provider also has the insurance that will provide coverage in the case of an accident or on-the-job injuries.

Medical couriers have an exciting job in a field that’s expanding and evolving all the time. With a rapidly aging baby boomer population and the massive prevalence of chronic medical conditions, the demand for such professionals and even such specialised companies is expected to increase. This is one of the main reasons why entering the medical logistics field right now will make a lot of sense and allow for stable career establishment.

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