How Much do Medical Aestheticians Make?

A medical aesthetician has many duties and responsibilities that aestheticians working at cosmetic studios don’t have to deal with. As a result, the salaries of these professionals tend to be more lucrative.

If you’re considering the job of a medical aesthetician, you’ll have to think about acquiring the right education. As already mentioned, these professionals have various responsibilities that necessitate a certain training.

So, is being a medical aesthetician a good idea? The following article will shed some light on the profession and on the benefits that these experts enjoy.

What do Medical Aestheticians do?

These professionals specialise in the field of skincare and treating some of the mot common dermatological issues. Medical aesthetics doesn’t focus on medical conditions – the field is entirely focused on helping people look and feel better.

Very often, medical aestheticians work with individuals that have skin damaged by trauma, disease or a medical procedure gone wrong. Usually, medical aestheticians work in the offices of plastic surgeons and assist these medical professionals.

A medical aesthetician is qualified to administer various procedures to patients. These range from peelings to microdermabrasions and laser therapy.

The training of medical aestheticians is regulated on local level. Each state in theUS has certain requirements for professionals interested in the particular field. There are various training programs available. The number of study hours will depend on the specifics of the program and it may range from anywhere between 300 and 1,200 hours.

How Much do Medical Aestheticians Earn in the US?

The median annual salary of a medical aesthetician in theUS is 41,450 dollars. The most experienced professionals in this field can end up earning way more. Their salaries will reach up to 58,778 dollars.

Some medical aestheticians prefer to work part-time. The median hourly payment for those professionals is 16 dollars. Experienced medical aestheticians can earn up to 23 dollars per hour and 33.37 dollars per hour for overtime work.

The national average salary across theUS is 38,000 dollars per year. Entry level practitioners can expect to earn seven per cent less than the national average while medical aestheticians that have 15 to 20 years of experience will earn 19 per cent more than the national average.

Medical aesthetician salaries will also depend on the skills that these professionals have. A medical aesthetician that knows how to perform laser treatments will earn seven per cent more than professionals that don’t have the respective training.

Medical Aesthetician Salaries in Canada

Medical aestheticians inCanada will earn annual salaries in the range from 25,077 to 48,749 dollars per year, which is somewhat lower than what theirUS counterparts make.

The average hourly payment in the country is 14 Canadian dollars. The most experienced medical aestheticians can earn up to 20.54 Canadian dollars per hour and up to 32 Canadian dollars for overtime work.

The national average salary is 31,000 Canadian dollars. Entry level professionals can expect to earn three per cent less than the average. Aestheticians that have anywhere between 15 and 20 years of experience will earn nine per cent more than the national average.

How do Medical Aestheticians Compare to Traditional Aestheticians?

The requirements for aestheticians working in beauty salons and spa studious are less rigorous than what medical aestheticians have to go through in order to start practicing. How are these different requirements impacting salaries, however?

An aesthetician working in aUS beauty salon can expect to earn a median annual salary of 30,140 dollars, which is 11,310 dollars less than what the average medical aesthetician will earn.

The median hourly rate is 12 dollars. The best aestheticians can expect to earn 19.83 dollars per hour and up to 29.25 dollars per hour for overtime work. Once again, medical aestheticians are much better compensated.

In terms of national average, the annual sum is 31,000 dollars. Aestheticians that are just getting started with the profession will earn five per cent less than the national average. The professionals having 15 to 20 years of experience will earn 37 per cent more.

Though becoming a medical aesthetician requires hard work and going through a training program, these professionals enjoy lucrative salaries. As more and more individuals are demonstrating a serious interest in improving their appearance, the demand for medical aestheticians is expected to keep on growing. The higher professional demand will inevitably have an impact on medical aesthetician salaries, as well.

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