Six Highest Paying Accounting Careers

Professionals that have a degree in accounting can expect to earn lucrative salaries, especially if they select the best possible career path. Accountants do have options to choose among and some of these options feature great salaries.

Do you hold a degree in accounting or maybe you’re considering this type of education? If so, you’ll benefit greatly from the following list of the highest paying accounting jobs.

Chief Financial Officer

To become a chief financial officer, a professional will need to be certified management accountants. These professionals are responsible for overseeing financial operations, taking strategic decisions, conduct research and audits, create detailed financial reports and do effective debt management.

The CFO is involved in a vast range of processes like investment decision making, purchasing, product pricing, debt management, taxation planning and research.

Because of these numerous responsibilities, CFOs are the best-paid professionals having a background in accounting. The median annual CFO salary is 120,449 dollars. The best-paid professionals in the field earn more than 245,000 dollars per year. The national average in the US is 129,000 dollars per year and CFOs in their late career can expect to earn 13 percent higher.

Salaries vary by location, as well. CFOs in New York rank among the professionals that earn the highest salaries – 52 percent above the national average.

Accounting Professors and Career Development in the Academic Field

People that go ahead and complete a PhD in accounting are among the ones that earn the most in the field. After earning a doctorate degree, a professional in the field becomes eligible to work in universities and teach students.

An accounting professor will earn a median annual salary of 113,089 dollars. The best-paid 10 percent of professionals in this field make more than 245,000 dollars per year. Some of the benefits that accounting professors get to enjoy include social security, 401K, disability, healthcare, pension and paid time off.

When the benefits are added to the base salary, the median annual amount increases to 154,464 dollars.

Corporate Controller

A company controller has the responsible task of tracking and monitoring financial processes within the organisation. This serious responsibility comes with the respective financial benefits.

Depending on the company that they work for and experience, corporate controllers can earn salaries that fall within a very wide range.

The median annual salary in the US is 87,643 dollars but some financial controllers could make more than 200,000 dollars per year. The national average is 92,000 dollars and individuals that have more than 15 years of experience can expect to earn at least seven percent more than this amount.

Their place of employment will also affect the salary. The best-paid corporate controllers work in Boston (28 percent higher than the national average), New York (22 percent higher) and Los Angeles (21 percent higher).

Information Systems Accountant

An information systems account has a background both in computer technologies and accounting. These professionals are expected to do auditing, create detailed reports and do thorough analysis.

Very often, these professionals are also expected to develop financial systems for the specific needs of their clients.

A person that specialises in information systems accounting can expect to earn 85,320 dollars per year when employed as a system analyst. It’s also great to know that the demand for such professionals will continue growing in the period until 2020 (by 25 percent), creating new job positions and workplace stability.

Compliance Officer

A compliance officer is responsible for making sure that a company or an organisation is in full compliance with local and national regulations. Many compliance officers work in heavily regulated fields like finance or healthcare.

At least a bachelor’s degree in accounting is required to become a compliance officer but individuals that go ahead to pursue a master’s degree will benefit from even more lucrative career options.

A compliance officer earns a salary of 61,026 dollars per year. The best-paid professionals in the field can expect to make more than 102,600 dollars. Individuals that have at least 15 years of experience in the field will make 24 percent more than the national average.

Tax Accountant

Tax accountants work with numerous clients in needs of having their tax documents prepared professionally. Very often, they handle all of the documentation needs of private companies, organisations, public companies, NGOs and even individuals.

A tax accountant in the US earns a median annual salary of 51,926 dollars. The best-paid professionals in the field can expect to make more than 71,600 dollars per year. Individuals in their late career earn 16 percent higher than the national average and some of the places that feature the highest tax accountant salaries include New York , Seattle , San Francisco and Chicago .

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