How Much do Medical Billers Make?

The medical biller career sounds like a lucrative opportunity. The demand for such professionals is rising. In addition, being a medical biller comes with a lot of flexibility and a chance to work from home. When it comes to salary, however, are medical billers and coders fairly compensated?

Needless to say, the salaries acrossAmerica are very different. These differences stem from geographic specifics, years of experience and organizations that medical billers are hired by.

How Much do Medical Billers Earn in the US?

Many medical billers are hired part-time or on as-needed basis. This is why coming up with specific numbers is a relatively difficult task.

Full-time medical billers in theUS earn a median annual salary of 34,751 dollars. The best-paid professionals in this field can earn up to 48,304 dollars. The average hourly payment is 14 dollars. Some of the most experienced medical billers will charge up to 19.59 dollars per hour of work and 29.53 dollars for an hour of overtime work.

When it comes to geographic location, the best-paid medical billers in theUS live and work inSeattle. They earn 23 per cent more than the national average. Other big cities that feature medical biller salaries above the national average includePhiladelphia (17 per cent),new York (11 per cent) andChicago (nine per cent). The worst-paid medical billers live inDetroit – they earn seven per cent below the national average.

How Much do Medical Billers Earn in Canada?

The situation inCanada is similar, when it comes to payments based on experience and location.

According to, a medical biller inCanada earns an annual salary in the range from 18,549 to 47,606 Canadian dollars. The median hourly payment is 18 dollar. The best-paid medical billers can earn up to 21 Canadian dollars per hour.

Medical Biller Salaries by Employment Type

Which businesses and organizations give medical billers the best-paid working opportunities? Here’s a breakdown of the employment options and the financial remunerations that professionals working there can expect to be paid.

Medical billers working in doctor’s offices earn an average of 33,570 dollars, Bureau of Labour Statistics data for 2011 suggests. The vast majority of medical billers is actually employed by doctor’s offices – 485,820 professionals. The median hourly payment these professionals earn is 16.14 dollars.

Medical billers that are employed in hospitals earn a slightly higher income of 33,840 dollars per year. This translates to 16.27 dollars per hour. Approximately 10 per cent of all medical billers in theUS are employed in hospital settings.

The medical billers hired by insurance companies are the luckiest ones because they earn the highest salaries. The average in this industry is 42,840 dollars per year or 20.59 dollars per hour. The percentage of billing clerks employed in the insurance industry, however, is rather small.

Finally, billers can also work in care facilities. The median annual salary in this work environment is 33,740 dollars. This translates to 16.22 dollars per hour.

Does Certification Impact the Medical Biller Salary?

Some medical billers and coders decide to take courses and go for professional qualification opportunities in an attempt to start earning more. Certification will obviously make it a lot easier for a professional in the field to find a nice job. How is it related to the biller’s salary, however?

According to statistics, medical billers that have an associate’s degree earn an average of one dollar per hour more than their colleagues that don’t have the same level of education. People that go ahead to train and become medical records and health education technicians can expect to earn an average of four dollars more per hour than medical billers that have solely a high school diploma.

A combination between the right kind of certification and several years of experience in the field is the factor that will have the most profound and positive impact on the payment that a medical biller receives.

As you can see, being a medical biller is most definitely a wonderful career choice. If you’re serious about a career in the field, however, you may consider investing in the right kind of education. Even if you opt solely for an associate’s degree and you don’t pursue higher academics, you’ll still see your salary going up and you’ll benefit from a chance to work for a bigger number of reputable medical insitutions.

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