The Top Seven Accounting Blogs of 2015

Professionals in the field of accounting can find inspiration and new information through numerous sources. Specialised accounting blogs are easily accessible and they contain tons of useful posts.

Wondering which blogs to get started with? If you’re particularly interested in the field of accounting, you should most definitely add the following to your bookmarks list.

Bloomberg BNA Accounting Blog

The Bloomberg BNA Accounting Blog discusses general accounting topics and it covers legal issues, taxation, EHS, human resources and payroll, among various other topics. The blog benefits from the contribution of more than 2,500 reporters and experts in the field. As a result, BNA is one of the most comprehensive sources of information for accounting professionals.

The blog has several daily and regular types of features that include a daily labour report available on a subscription basis. Anyone who isn’t interested in getting access to paid articles will still find a ton of information in the free blog section.

Accounting Tomorrow

Accounting Tomorrow is a blog dedicated to discussing the latest developments and news in the field of accounting.

Some of the topics regularly covered in the blog include audits and accounting, financial planning, taxes and accounting technology. On top of having numerous articles and posts about the latest developments in the field, Accounting Tomorrow also has interesting slideshows, web seminars, additional resources and educational videos.

You can register for a free membership that will give you access to podcasts, bi-weekly email newsletters and access to exclusive rankings like top 100 people, top 100 companies and even top 100 products.

The Accounting Onion

This blog isn’t the creation of a powerful media or a newspaper that specialises in the field of finance. It was set up by Tom Selling. Selling has worked as an accountant and consultant for various key entities. The Accounting Onion is based on Selling’s experience within the field.

The Accounting Onion makes financial reporting and detailed discussions about complex accounting complex easy to understand. As such, the blog is an excellent source of information for newbies in the field and for people that are interested in particular accounting concepts.

Blunt Bean Counter

This Canadian accounting blog has also made it to the list because of several unique characteristics.

Blunt Bean Counter is presented as a blog that has a humorous take on accounting concepts. It’s the creation of Mark Goodfield, a professional accountant having more than 25 years of experience in the fields of taxation and accounting.

The blog is mainly presented as an opportunity for high net worth individuals and business owners to acquire more knowledge. Blunt Bean Counter, however, has the potential to appeal to a much broader audience. As the author himself states, the posts are blunt, opinionated and humorous. These are some of the Blunt Bean Counter’s biggest strengths.

Accounting Coach

Accounting Coach is a Q&A style blog and the format makes it quite different from the other entries. So far, the blog has managed to answer more than 1,000 questions pertaining to different aspects of accounting.

Some of the topics covered by the blog include accounting basics, careers, principles, financial accounting, improving profits, payroll accounting, calculations, standard costing, non-profit accounting and numerous others.

The blog was started back in 2003 and it’s the creation of Harold Averkamp – a professional that explains complex concepts by sharing real life experiences. After launching the Accounting Coach, Averkamp also created Accounting Coach Pro. The paid version of the blog features interactive exams, videos, tutorials and other types of premium content.

Small Business Profit Explosion

The blog is the creation of Wayne Belisle – a CPA that has been working in the field since 1973. Small Business Profit Explosion is dedicated to helping small businesses with accounting, cash flow, sales and investment.

Some of the topics that the blog discusses include bookkeeping, useful resources, cash flow tips, cost cutting, personal financial planning, accounting technology, income taxes, current affairs and many others. There are several great rubrics like Client Question of the Week and Small Business Success Series.

It’s Taxing

The name of this blog is pretty self-explanatory. It’s Taxing is the creation of Bond Beebe Accountants and Advisors. The company shares information about popular topics and some of the biggest concerns that its customers have.

This specialised blog covers a range of taxation topics that include state taxes, federal taxes, estate, accounting and financial advice. It has made it to the list of Accounting Top 50 Blogs because of the simple and competent manner that topics are presented in.

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