How Much do Medical Surgical Nurses Make?

Dedicating enough time to getting the education that will enable you to work as a surgical nurse is certainly a good idea. Medical surgical nurses have a very dynamic job and these professionals also enjoy lucrative salaries.

How Much do Medical Surgical Nurses Make in the US?

The average median salary that a surgical nurse makes per year is 63,084 dollars. Surgical nurses working in emergency care earn an annual salary in the range from 65,400 to 67,100 dollars per year. Needless to say, the more stressful work in emergency settings is better compensated.

The median hourly payment that registered surgical nurses earn is 33.23 dollars. According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS), the best-paid and most experienced professionals in the field can expect to earn 46.46 dollars per hour. The most inexperienced medical surgical nurses earn 21.62 dollars per hour.

The national average is 58,000 dollars. Late career nurses can expect to earn 18 per cent more than the national average. Surgical nurses who are just getting started can expect to earn nine per cent less than the national average.

Payments will also vary by location. The best-paid surgical nurses work inLos Angeles and they earn 29 per cent more than the national average.San Diego follows with 28 per cent,New York – 23 per cent andSeattle – 15 per cent. The places that feature salaries below the national average areSan Antonio (one percent below the national average),Orlando (eight per cent less) andIndianapolis (10 per cent less).

How Much do Medical Surgical Nurses Make in Canada?

Depending on experience, a surgical nurse inCanada will earn an annual salary in the range from 45,588 to 88,359 Canadian dollars. Hourly rates come in the range from 24.16 to 41.17 Canadian dollars.

The median annual salary of registered nurses inCanada is 56,790 dollars. The national average is 64,000 dollars. Late-career registered nurses can expect to earn up to 17 per cent more than the national average. Nurses that are just getting started with their career earn on the average four per cent less than the national average.

Location is also a determining factor for the salaries that registered nurses earn. Nurses working inEdmonton are the best-paid in the country and they earn 15 per cent more than the national average.Calgary salaries are 11 per cent higher than the national salary and nurses inSaskatoon earn eight per cent more than the average. The places that fall below the national average areToronto (three per cent less than the national average) andOttawa (three per cent less, as well).

Salaries by Medical Field

Medical surgical nurse salaries will also depend on the area of medical specialisation.

Cardiac surgical nurses are among the best-paid. These nurses assist cardiovascular surgeons during surgeries that can sometimes be quite complex. To specialise in this field, nurses need to have a master’s degree and post-graduation cardiovascular clinical experience. Cardiac surgical nurses can expect to earn salaries in the range from 72,000 to 102,000 dollars per year.

Orthopaedic surgical nurses also enjoy lucrative payments. These nurses assist surgeons during the invasive treatment of musculoskeletal problems like fractures, joint issues, arthritis, trauma and osteoporosis. Orthopaedic surgical nurses earn approximately 72,000 dollars per year.

Another area of specialisation that gives nurses excellent career development opportunities is oncology. Oncological surgical nurses help surgeons that treat patients suffering from various types of cancer. A master’s degree and a certificate in oncology nursing will be needed to build a career in the field. Oncological surgical nurses earn slightly over 71,000 dollars per year.

Career Outlook

According to BLS, medical surgical nurses will continue experiencing workplace stability and their salaries will potentially increase in the years to come. An aging Western population and prevalence of chronic medical conditions will increase the demand for such professionals by 26 per cent in the period until 2020. This percentage is the equivalent of 526,800 new workplaces becoming available in the field.

According to the American Nurses Association, nearly 50 per cent of the surgical nurses working right now are approaching retirement age. This is yet another reason why younger nurses will enjoy excellent conditions for entering the medical field and building a stable, lucrative career.

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