The Best Online Bachelor in Information Technology Programs

Anyone that’s interested in successfully entering the information technology field should consider pursuing a bachelor of science degree in information technology. This is the first educational requirements for the establishment of a successful career.

If you’re looking for remote learning opportunities in the field, you’re lucky. Numerous universities have high quality undergraduate programs in the field. Getting your degree online is also an excellent opportunity for bringing down the cost of education.

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Penn State World Campus

The bachelor of science program in the field is one of the top remote learning opportunities. Penn State World Campus focuses on practical skills, giving graduates an opportunity to find lucrative employment opportunities immediately after the completion of the program.

The undergraduate degree in information technology consists of many credits including gen ed credits and specialized topics and the rest dedicated to electives. Some of the courses that the information technology students can take include organization of data, C++ programming, networking and telecommunications, organization and design of information systems, emerging issues in technologies and IT project management.

Capella University

Capella University’s program in information technology is also ranked among the top educational opportunities in the field. The major brings together technical and business skills, giving graduates all the knowledge that they need for building a career.

The bachelor of science in information technology online program consists of credits. This is a self-paced program that features the Capella University Flexi Path format – a chance for students to do assignments and complete projects when they have the time for such activities.

Some of the most interesting courses that the program consists of include introduction to database systems, ethics for the information technology professional, systems administration, programming, network architecture and information security concepts.

UMass Online

University ofMassachusetts students also benefit from an online information technology program. The courses are 100 percent administered online and the faculty members have the needed experience to make online learning productive. Students enjoy a lot of flexibility when it comes to taking courses and doing assignments.

The program consists of 120 credits and some of the most interesting courses include advanced cloud computing, JAVA programming, C++ programming, computer network security, ethics, e-commerce, information storage management and network and systems administration.

The tuition cost per credit is 365 dollars, making the program much more affordable than the first two entries in the list. Some additional fees may apply.

University of Denver

The University of Denver online program is a bit different because students can transfer some credits, which will contribute to a more affordable degree. Depending on the number of transferred credits, the program will consists of anywhere between 45 and 180 credits.

Some of the courses that students interested in information technologies will have to take include quantitative reasoning, system analysis and design, web fundamentals, integrative project design, entrepreneurship, project management and financial management.

The cost per credit is 562 dollars but as already mentioned, the overall cost of education can be taken down significantly by transferring some of the gen ed credits.

Colorado State University Global Campus

The undergraduate program in information technology atColoradoStateUniversity features 100 percent online classes and a lot of flexibility when it comes to course participation and doing assignments. Interactions with the instructor and with other students are an integral part of the program.

This is a 120-credit program. Transfer credits and alternative credit options (through prior learning assessment) are available to bring down the cost of tuition and the amount of work that students have to do.

Some of the niche courses in this program include introduction to computer-based systems, information systems security, networking enterprise solutions, programming, information technology project management and database management. Students can also customize the general degree by adding specialisations in the fields of cyber security, criminology, healthcare management, marketing, project management, public administration and various other disciplines.

The cost per credit is 350 dollars. Students that manage to transfer at least 30 credits will have to pay 31,500 dollars for the completion of the entire program.

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