How to Choose Your College Major?

Right now, the future may appear a little bit murky. A college major that you will potentially enjoy may turn out to be a poor choice in terms of building a career. You may even find it impossible to figure out whether the particular major will give you good employment options in the years to come. What does it take to choose the right college major, the one you’re going to enjoy while getting excellent employment possibilities?

The situation may become even more challenging if the college you’ve chosen enables you to major in two fields at the same time. When should you pick the major and which factors are the ones to take in consideration? The following guide will help you find out.

Assess Your Interests

The first and most important step towards the selection of the right major should involve an assessment of your interests and skills.

What do you envision yourself doing for the rest of your life? Do you like languages, sciences or social studies? Your strengths and your curiosity will help you narrow down the possibilities significantly.

Wait and Choose a Major at the Right Time

You don’t have to declare your major during your first year of college studies. Use this opportunity to explore various possibilities, take different courses and figure out where your talent is hidden.

Most colleges allow their students to declare a major by the end of their sophomore year. This way, you’ll get to try courses in your top picks to determine whether these are as inspiring and practical, as you originally considered them to be.

Still, some majors are an exception. If you’re interested in a specialized engineering degree like aeronautical engineering, for example, you’ll have to commit to it right from the start.

Use Your Freshman Year to Explore Two to Three Major Options

Curiosity won’t kill you, in fact is the best option for choosing a suitable college major.

Instead of focusing on just one major during your freshman year, you should consider exploring anywhere between two and three possibilities. What seems good in theory could turn out to be a boring prospect in real life and vice versa.

For many students, the first choice of major is certainly not the last one. This is particularly true for the individuals that feel stuck and that haven’t pinpointed a major academic passion yet. This is normal and many students go through the same process. An actual experience with the course and interactions with a professor can be really helpful for making a final decision.

Don’t Pick the Easiest Major

Some students may commit the grave mistake of selecting a major that appears to be easy and that will guarantee a fun and exciting time at college. Although such a college major will make your university years a whole lot easier, it may lead to missed opportunities later on in life.

Use the four years in college to challenge yourself and test your limits. You may even surprise yourself by being exceptional in a particularly tough discipline.

Don’t settle for an easy major – you’ll easily get bored with it. Keep a major that comes easy to you in the pool of options but explore several other prospects, as well.

Don’t Go for Fashions and Trends

Certain majors become relatively popular during a certain period of time, which makes many students pursue the particular academic discipline. Going for trends and temporary fashions is probably one of the biggest mistakes that you can commit during your academic years.

Business administration used to be a particularly fashionable discipline several years ago. Later on, it was replaced by computer science and other majors connected to digital trends. The problem with such fashions is that they make many young individuals go for the same academic discipline. This creates a supply of young professionals in a niche that has limited demand. Needless to say, some of these young professionals may find themselves jobless because of the serious competition.

What Kind of Lifestyle do you Desire?

The final element to think about when choosing a college major is your future.

What kind of lifestyle do you envision yourself in the years to come? Each college major will enable you to earn a certain amount as a professional practicing the particular job. If you want to enjoy a lavish lifestyle, you can’t just go for a simple major that will give you average income.

Certain disciplines are better for the people that want to enjoy financial security. If you’re an adventurous type and you aren’t concerned about income that much, you’ll have the freedom of pursuing more artistic and non-practical degrees.

Take your time when choosing a major. Practical and personal considerations are equally important. Think about your happiness, your skills and interests. Talk to professors and current college students, as well. Their experience could be quite helpful for making up your mind.

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