Preparing for your first year of College

Preparing for your fist year of college can be very difficult. It may be your first time being away from your parents for longer than a week, your first time cooking on your own, or even your first attempt at laundry. So to start off, get the basics in order. Ask your mom to jot down some laundry pointers and some easy recipes to get you through, ask your dad to stock up a small tool box with tools you might need for easy fixes and after that start doing some research to get ready for your adventure away from home!

Do a bit of research

Before you hit the college campus do a bit of research both on your future alma mater and on the surrounding community. It can be difficult to adjust to a new place, especially if you have never had to do so before. To make this transition as easy as possible make sure you know a little bit about the community you will be living in. Look into campus activities and clubs but also look into the community to find out about activities that you can be involved in with your neighbors. It is easier to feel at home in a new place if you are involved in a gym class or volunteer work.

Think a bit before getting a job

You might be worried about money but it is important to think a bit before getting a job. For some, time management skills are not a problem. For others, working along with the course load might be too much. It is important to take some time to think about what you can handle the first year at college, often your parents or advisors can help you navigate the work and school balance.

Get to know the people in your community

Before you get to the campus, it is important to research activities and the community but it also is not a bad idea to get to know the people in your community. Many colleges have social media sites especially for students. These sites allow freshmen can get to know each other. Some students choose to meet up with their roommates ahead of time. Such sites are also a helpful way to meet friends in your classes or residence hall.

Missing orientation can be a huge mistake

Orientations might be where you find out about these social media sites, and these events are important to attend! Missing orientation can be a huge mistake. You might be missing out on making new friends if you do not attend. Even if you do not find your new best friends, you will get quite a lot of essential information about your school and it will make finding the activities that you want to get involved in easier. Essentially, orientations ease the mind and help with the transition. Even if some aspects of orientation seem lame, you will be getting a better understanding of the school you are going to attend.

Hone out some of your skills and improve skillsets

Before you get on campus it is a good time to hone out some of your skills and improve skillsets that might be lacking. This means a couple of things. If you were not good at managing time in high school, now is the time to download some apps to get your time management in check. Nowadays, time management is made easy by the applications and Internet sites that help you track activities and time. Familiarize yourself with some of them. On the same token, get to know what your school offers in the way of extra learning opportunities. Many universities offer excel, word, powerpoint, and even time management trainings in order to help you get off on the right foot in your classes. In addition, many offer tutoring. If you are prepared to take advantage of these different courses and opportunities you will find that freshmen year is easier than you expect.

College can be tough

Last but not least, college can be tough and it is best to get to know where you need to go when there are bumps along the way. Your parents probably took care of things for you in the past so you might have never thought about where you will set up a bank account or where you will go to the doctor. Now is a good time to check into where you can find essential services close to campus.

In general, being prepared and knowing that your freshmen year will present challenges is important. No matter how prepared you are this will be a big transition and growth period for you. Embrace it, it will also be a fun and exciting time if you are open to new experiences!

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