How to Find Online Teaching Job Openings: 7 Best Sites for Online Adjunct Faculty Positions

Websites and internet-based apps have changed the manner in which people look for a new profession. Academics and instructors aren’t any different. Individuals looking for faculty and adjunct positions have a number of online options to choose among.

Employment websites, especially specialised portals bring together some of the best offers that the academic job market has to offer. Some of these websites are superior and it’s a good idea to go through these pages before looking for employment options elsewhere.


As the name indicates, HigherEdJobs is entirely committed to presenting employment opportunities in academic and higher education institutions. According to the website’s official presentation, it currently features more than 34,100 faculty and adjunct positions.

The website makes it easy to look for a job because the positions are organised according to category, location and school. In addition, HigherEdJobs has some online or remote employment options for professors.

The online and remote faculty and adjunct positions are currently more than 260. Some academic institutions are looking for textbook writing professionals, others need lesson writers and online tutors.

All job seekers can create an account free of charge and upload a resume. Having a registered account simplifies the task of submitting the necessary document for every position of interest.


GetEducated is a broader academic website but it still features both traditional and remote employment possibilities in the academic world.

The website is a comprehensive guide that sheds some light on the best online degree programs, online courses and college rankings. As such, GetEducated is a practical website for both students and faculty members.

GetEducated has a job board that encompasses a range of employment possibilities. There’s also a detailed guide that will be helpful for individuals who have never developed online courses in the past. Thus, the portal is a lot more practical than HigherEdJobs because it gives access to numerous additional resources that will come in handy during the job application process.


This is another specialised platform that focuses on employment opportunities in the world of higher education. Currently, SchoolSpring features more than 73,170 jobs. The portal is free for job seekers. It gives access to document management tools, email alerts and a comprehensive application process. Thus, potential employers find it a lot easier to sort through the applications and pick the relevant ones.

Jobs can once again be filtered using a number of criteria. These include full-time/part-time positions, grade level, location and category. It’s interesting to point out that SchoolSpring features international employment options apart from the faculty positions in theUS.

Once again, there’s a category dedicated to online and remote jobs. Some of the possibilities include online instructors, virtual academy teachers, student and family support positions, online program developers and even online directors of tutoring. Currently, there are approximately 150 online and remote open jobs.


TEDJobs stands for Top Higher Education Jobs. The website is quite simple and it doesn’t feature all of the tools that some of the previous entries come equipped with. Still, TEDJobs is worth going through every now and then.

This is strictly a job board and it typically features a smaller number of entries than SchoolSpring and HigherEdJobs. Still, some of the positions presented through the website are lucrative. Job seekers get access to the information free of charge, which is another bonus.

There aren’t any filters that can be used to sort through the jobs but if you visit the website frequently enough, you’ll find it very easy to distinguish the new postings. Occasionally, the website features online and remote employment options, as well.


This academic community has a lot of interesting information and an impressive job board. Vitae is a specialised career hub that currently features more than 4,200 faculty and research positions.

By now, you know the drill. There’s a job board and a couple of filters that make browsing through the positions easier. Job seekers can filter the listings on the basis of position type, institution type and location. Once again, there are both US-based and international academic jobs.

There’s no filter enabling the search for online or remote jobs. Still, the website features a search bar. If you type a couple of keywords related to your interest, it will be easy to figure out if there are any jobs corresponding to your requirements.

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