Who Offers the Cheapest Online MBA?

Obtaining the best MBA degree can be quite expensive, whether you choose to attend a campus-based program or study online. Still, some universities have affordable programs and they also give students access to various financial assistance options.

If you’re about to choose an online MBA, you’re going to find the following list quite useful. Here are some of the most affordable degrees that are worth considering.

Eastern New Mexico University

Eastern New Mexico University has one of the most affordable accredited MBA programs in theUS. Both local and out-of-state students get access to competitive rates and a lot of flexibility when it comes to completing the program.

Depending on the amount of time that students can dedicate to academic activity, the program can be completed in either one or two years. Some of the courses that potential graduates will be required to take include accounting for managers, ethics and social responsibility, strategic management, managerial economics, topics in finance and information systems for managers.

The cost per credit hour is 235 dollars for local students and 483 dollars for out-of-state students. Students that take 12 to 18 credit hours will have to pay a flat rate per semester – 2,825 dollars for in-state students and 5,798 dollars for out-of-state students.

University of North Dakota

A public research university located inNorth Dakota’sGrand Forks, University of North Dakota has an affordable MBA program, as well. Students can choose among a general MBA degree and a specialisation in the field of international business.

The program consists of 33 to 34 credits and it can be completed in a period of two years. All of the courses can be taken online. Some of the courses that students will be required to take include accounting information for decision control, strategic marketing planning, advanced strategic management, managerial finance and information systems.

When it comes to financials, the cost per credit is 352 dollars. There’s a 50-dollars distance course fee. Having all fees and costs added to the calculation, obtaining the MBA degree atUniversity ofNorth Dakota will cost 12,615 dollars.

University of Tennessee

Chattanooga College of Business at University of Tennessee has an online MBA program that ranks among the most affordable in the country. The US News and World Report gave the program a position among its top 25 online MBA degrees provided by a public university.

Depending on the amount of time that students can dedicate to learning, the program can be completed in 12 to 24 months.

Some of the courses included in the MBA curriculum include quantitative methods for business, economics for decision makers, financial management, management of information systems, entrepreneurship and new ventures, advanced data analytics and managerial accounting.

The full cost of tuition atUniversity ofTennessee is 28,128 dollars. It’s also interesting to point out that the university’s alumni are among the ones that enjoy lucrative starting salaries. MBA graduates have a median annual salary upon obtaining their first job of 65,000 dollars.

University of Louisiana Monroe

The MBA program at University of Louisiana Monroe is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. The university is also included in the Affordable Colleges Online ranking of the universities that have the best and most cost-efficient MBA programs.

Some of the courses that participants in the online program will be required to take include management information systems, accounting analysis for decision making, international business, strategic management and strategic management. A few concentration areas are also available. These include construction management, educational leadership and gerontology.

University ofLouisiana Monroe has a cost per credit hour of 348 dollars and a requirement of minimum 30 credit hours for graduation. This brings the cost of tuition up to 10,740 dollars, additional fees and charges not included.

Ellis University

The working adults MBA program at Ellis University can be taken 100 per cent online. There are three degrees that the students can choose among – general business studies; MBA with specialisation in ecommerce, finance, global management, leadership, healthcare administration, marketing, professional accounting and various others; MBA with two areas of specialisation.

The courses that the program will consist of are going to depend on the area of specialisation that the student is interested in.

In terms of cost, the price per credit hour atEllisUniversity is 430 dollars per credit hour. Thus, the tuition cost for the entire program adds up to 15,480 dollars.

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