Seven Reasons to Choose the Career of a Travel Counsellor

Choosing a career in travel and tourism is a great way to turn your passion into a long-term professional occupation. The variety of tasks, projects and interactions with clients in the travel industry will keep you learning new things and improving your skills all of the time. This is just one of the perks of establishing a successful career.

Despite worries that new technologies will replace the travel agent, the majority of clients still prefer the face-to-face communication and the personalized suggestions provided by a human being. New technologies ease the booking of holiday packages but professional advice is invaluable when it comes to picking a destination or making the most of the travel opportunity.

Being a travel counsellor is a wonderful opportunity that comes with numerous perks. Here are some of the most important advantages that you’ll get to enjoy if you select this professional occupation.​

A Career in a Field that You Love

As the famous quote goes “choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Doing what you love and getting paid is the best opportunity, not to mention the fact that it could lead to career growth. Travel professionals have a dynamic, enjoyable and creative profession. The numerous interactions with clients diversify the tasks and responsibilities even further.

The career of the travel counsellor will require commitment and hard work. If you’re passionate about tourism, however, you will find it very easy to commit and make the most of each work day.


Money always matters when it comes to work. Love and passion for the job are important but the salary makes difference. Travel counsellors and agents are lucky because they earn a percentage-based commission from airfare and hotel bookings.

The commission could add up to a nice sum on top of the base salary. Travel counsellors earn additional by having access to different bonus system. Most of the travel agencies have special programs that allow agents to control their commission rates, which means that the professionals have a stimulus to work with more clients and be successful.

Salaries in the industry vary on the basis of responsibilities, experience and qualifications. Having a travel counsellor certificate is one good opportunity for earning more than the average tourism agent

Career Development and Certification Opportunities

Travel counsellors are highly competitive professionals having vast experience in the fields of air travel, hotel booking, car rental services, destination specifics and visa requirements. Both time and hard work are required to gain such vast amounts of knowledge.

Individuals that seek a career in the field of tourism get multiple and diversified growth and development possibilities. Going through certification programs and investing in further qualification will certainly be the key to gaining some competitive advantage and building a solid career.

The better certification a counsellor has, the more satisfied customers that professional will serve. This relationship will have impact both on professional growth and on the base salary.

Tourism Industry Growth

Tourism remains one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Despite financial crises or climate changes, people love traveling and they will keep visiting popular hotspots. According to the latest report of the United Nations World Tourism Organization, international tourism will grow and contribute to the recovery of the global economy.

An increasing number of travelling people means more work for counsellors. Counsellors will gain brand new opportunities for earning more. The growing volumes of travel transactions and increasing needs of people will continue shaping up the industry.

Travel Professionals Needed around the World

The best professionals are welcomed all over the world. If you are good at what you do, you can always find a job in a country that you’d like to move to. Working as a travel counsellor will give you the freedom to change your life. You can move to another part of the country, another country or even another continent.

A Chance to Travel

Working as a travel counsellor allows you to visit different countries. Well, it is not a vacation that you’re getting paid for but there will be dozens of professional trips.

Being a travel counsellor will also make it vitally important for you to know about different cultures, societies, lifestyles and histories. It doesn’t get any more diversified and exciting than that.​

Stable Outlook

A career in the tourism field will give you both professional and personal satisfaction. The job is lucrative and dynamic. The demand for travel counsellors is expected to remain stable throughout 2016, particularly for professionals that have a lot of experience or knowledge about a particular destination. Thinking about a career in the field? It’s certainly a good possibility for you!

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