What do Engineers do?

Engineering is one the most famous professions of the world. In Canada, there are 12 regulatory authorities just for the recognition and supervision of engineering license in the country. However, many people are still confused about the actual work an engineer undertakes. Engineering course is a rigorous study and a practical experience for the people wishing to pursue a career in engineering. An engineer has the job to apply the fundamentals of mathematics and science in order to make innovative solutions for problems related to technical issues. When a scientific discovery is made it has to be implemented practically for the society to take benefit out of it. It is the engineer who makes the connection between a scientific discovery and its practical implementation for the whole society. Engineers also collaborate with scientists in order to innovate new products. A number of factors are to be considered during the production of a new product. If an industrial robot is to be made, an engineer will specify what the product requires for its functionality, design the framework, test its functionality, combine the components, evaluate its performance and test its effectiveness against its cost and benefit. Engineers work in a range of industries for the effectiveness of each one of it. They work chemical industry, computer industry, power industry, toy industry and likewise.

Supervisory Role

Engineers also work in the operational functions of industry mostly in the field of production and maintenance of machinery. These type of engineers are the in the supervisory roles and determine the factors affecting success and failures of particular component of machinery. They pay close attention in order to maintain the quality of the products made in the factory. Benefit vs cost analysis is done by the supervisory engineers and the time required is also taken into consideration by them. They are responsible for the whole projects of the major components of large projects.

Computers and Engineers

Computers are used extensively in order to produce or analyze a product in development phase. Computers are also used to understand how the new product works and what results it provides after usage. Through the introduction of Nanotechnology, integration and quality control of components have become more efficient in nature. Engineers can now develop now products with advanced features and better quality for the betterment of the society on whole.


There are number of specializations in the field of engineering. Every type of engineering has its own importance and nature. There is a different field specified for each of the different department in the industry. Some of them are as follows:

  • Electrical Engineering: Deals with power and electricity, electrical circuits and semiconductors
  • Chemical Engineering: Deals with industrial chemicals for the production of products like fertilizers, bleach etc.
  • Civil Engineering: Deals with construction and development of infrastructure for example roads, bridges, buildings etc.
  • Mechanical Engineering: Deals with the operation and production of industrial machinery
  • Software Engineering: Deals with computer software and computer related applications
  • Materials Engineering: Deals with Metallurgy, ceramic and similar industrial materials
  • Automotive Engineering: Deals with motor vehicles and specialized designs for improved efficiency and performance

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