The Best Online Medical Schools

Successfully graduating from medical school gives you wonderful opportunities for starting a career in the healthcare field. What should you do, however, if you don’t have the time or the resources to attend traditional medical schools? Are there online learning opportunities for medical students looking for a bit more flexibility?

Keep in mind that if you’d like to be a physician, you can’t attend an online school. Doctors work with patients and they’re responsible for diagnostic and treatment processes. These skills can’t be acquired in a distance learning or a hybrid educational format.

If you’d like to become a medical professional in any other field, however, you’ll be really glad to find out that several universities have both undergraduate and graduate programs in several fields. Here are some of the best online medical schools, as well as the programs that they’ve developed.

1.University of Southern California

University of Southern California gives students a chance to get a degree in several medical disciplines. Some of the most intriguing opportunities include a master of science degree in biomedical engineering or medical device engineering, a master of arts degree in aging services management, a master of art degree in academic medicine, public health or health administration and a master of science degree in orofacial pain and oral medicine or geriatric dentistry.

As you can see, there’s a plethora of majors to choose among, some of which even making it possible to work with patients in the future.

The online program features real-time classroom participation, as well as an opportunity to interact with both the faculty and classmates. Depending on the major chosen, there could be campus activities like clinic hours. These are needed by all of the students that will be working with patients in the future (for example, the individuals enrolled in the orofacial pain and oral medicine program).

The average cost of completing an online graduate program atUniversity ofSouthern California is 23,781 dollars per 15 to 18 units. You may want to check individual majors for additional information about charges and fees.

2. Kaplan University

Kaplan University is another accredited academic institution that gives students online access to a vast range of majors in the medical field.

Some of the graduate degrees in the field of medical sciences that students can pursue include health care administration, health informatics, health information management, public health and health education. The undergraduate programs concentrate in the fields of health and wellness, health care administration, health information management, health science and nutrition science.

Depending on the program chosen, the instruction could take place 100 percent online or there could be hybrid learning opportunities. Some of the majors require students to participate in campus activities in order to obtain practical knowledge.

Undergraduate programs will require approximately four years to be completed and most of the graduate degrees can be obtained in a period of 18 months.

Each program has its specific cost. Obtaining a master’s degree in health care administration, for example, will cost you 22,932 dollars. Completing the bachelor of science in health and wellness program will cost you 66,780 dollars. More information is available on the individual page of eachKaplanUniversity program.

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