Some of the Best Online X-Ray Technician Schools

X-ray technician programs aren’t created equal. To be a good professional in the field, you’ll need to choose the right educational opportunity. The best programs give students access to the perfect blend of theory and practical training, both of which are considered essential for professional success.

Online programs for X-ray technicians have been developed by several universities, the vast majority resulting in a BS degree upon successful completion. If you’re looking for a personalized opportunity that allows you to study at your own pace, the following list will give you a ton of useful information.

1. Oregon Tech Online BS Degree in Radiologic Science

Going straight for a bachelor’s degree rather than obtaining just an associate’s diploma is the best way to guarantee your professional success. The Oregon Institute of Technology has an excellent program for the individuals interested in obtaining a degree in radiologic science.

On top of having a really comprehensive curriculum, the program is also considered one of the best possibilities for getting a high return on investment. Students that complete the program without getting financial aid will see an annual ROI of 7.3 percent, PayScale data suggests.

The program consists of various practical and specialized courses like introduction to medical imaging, imaging techniques, radiographic positioning, contrast media procedures, patient care, radiographic pathology and external preparation.

Oregon Institute of Technology’s tuition fee per online credit hour is 227 dollars. A few additional fees will have to be added to the cost of tuition. As already mentioned, financial aid options are available for students to choose among.

2. Weber State University BS in Radiologic Technology

The campus-based program gives students opportunities to obtain either an associate’s or a bachelor’s degree. The online learning program developed by Weber State University ’s staff will give students a bachelor’s degree upon successful completion.

The bachelor of science in radiologic technology program is characterized by a tremendous amount of flexibility. When it comes to personalization and enabling students to complete the program at their own pace, Weber State University is a definite leader.

On top of having a well-developed online program, the university also gives its students access to excellent career support services. Making the transition from being a college student to becoming a professional is one of the most challenging tasks that young individuals face. Participants in the Weber State University program find it a bit easier to make this stressful switch.

The BS in radiologic technology curriculum includes courses that focus on human anatomy, pathology, physiology, use of imaging technology, patient care and the administration of therapeutic treatments.

3. University of Louisiana at Monroe BS in Radiologic Technology

Having a well-developed website, University of Louisiana at Monroe is a leader when it comes to giving students access to hi-tech, digital learning opportunities. The BS in radiologic technology program is available both through the website and a cleverly-designed smartphone app.

The program is available for individuals that are already ARRT registered technologists. Working technologists will get a much deeper understanding of important concepts that will enable the professionals to pursue career advancement upon the completion of the program.

Students wishing to enroll in the online program will have to pay 375 dollars per credit hour. All of the payments can be made online. A number of financial assistance opportunities have been designed for the needs of the participants in the BS program.

4. Sienna Heights University Online Radiologic Technology Degree

Upon the completion of this program, students will get a bachelor of applied science (BAS) degree. Individuals that want to get enrolled in this course should have completed a hospital-based training program or they should be ARRT registered technologists.

Professionals that are ARRT registered can transfer up to 90 credits and speed up the completion of the Sienna Heights online program.

This is one of the few programs in the field that accept multiple types of prior education. The vast majority of BS in radiologic technology programs accept solely individuals that are ARRT registered. In this sense, Sienna Heights gives students some more freedom and flexibility.

The transfer policy is clear and simple. Going through the details will help you determine whether some of the courses that you’ve completed in the past can be counted towards obtaining your BAS degree.

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