The Best Online Programs in Hospitality Management

The tourism and accommodation fields provide dynamic and interesting career development opportunities. If you’re confident in the decision to begin working in the respective niche, you should pursue a university degree in hospitality management.

Several academic institutions already give their students access to high quality web-based programs. Here are some of the top learning opportunities in the field of hospitality management, as well as the additional details about each program.

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University of Massachusetts Isenberg School of Management

University ofMassachusetts has its undergraduate online program in hospitality and tourism management.

Some of the most important topics discussed in the program include food service management, casino management, event and club management, human resources and finance in the hospitality sector.

The courses that students can choose among include opportunities like food production management, lodging operations, human resource management in the hospitality industry, meetings and conventions, beverage management, leadership and principles of management in the hospitality industry.

The course of online tuition at Isenberg School of Management is 525 dollars per credit hour. A 45-dollar registration fee per semester applies, as well. Various types of financial assistance packages are available.

University of New Orleans

One of the best online graduate programs in the field is available at University of New Orleans. It’s an executive master’s degree in hospitality and tourism management and all of the courses are created by the Lester E. Kabacoff School of Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Administration at the university.

Some of the courses that students need to take in order to obtain their degree include technology for hospitality and tourism management, operations analysis, marketing applications, research methods in tourism and hospitality, finance revenue management and special topics.

The cost of the entire program is approximately 27,500 dollars and it can be paid in three instalments (one per semester). Financial assistance options are available.

DeVry University

The DeVry University online undergraduate program is a bachelor of business administration – hospitality management. The DeVry professors responsible for the on-campus lectures also craft the online program and interact with students to facilitate the learning process. All of the faculty members have both academic and long-term practical experience to give students a valuable mix of business and management skills in the hospitality sector.

The program consists of courses like foundation of hotel management, foundations of hotel management, meetings and events management, restaurant management, food safety and sanitation, casino management and tourism management.

The tuition cost per credit hour is 609 dollars. Financial assistance and student loan opportunities are available.

Drexel University

Drexel University offers both undergraduate and graduate programs in hospitality management. Both of the learning opportunities are available online.

The bachelor of science in hospitality management students will have to complete 182 credit hours and take courses specialising in four areas – food and beverage management, gaming and resort management, travel and tourism and hotel administration.

The graduate students focus on courses like foundation in creativity, ethics for professionals, foundations of the hospitality industry, hospitality human resource management, strategic management and leadership in hospitality and research prospects in hospitality management.

Students that want to enrol in the online undergraduate program should be prepared to spend about 43,100 dollars on their education. For graduate students, the cost is 1,045 dollars per credit hour. Financial assistance options, as well as student loans, are available for both undergraduate and graduate students.

Florida International University

FloridaInternationalUniversity has an online bachelor of science in hospitality management program that has received recognition for the quality and the technical support that students get access to. The program is created by the university’s Chaplin School of Hospitality and Tourism Management faculty.

Students are required to take 120 credits for the completion of the program. Some of the courses that they can choose among include accounting for the hospitality industry, hospitality information technology, financial analysis, hospitality industry laws, lodging operations control, hospitality analytics and revenue management and restaurant management. Of the 120 credits, 30 are electives.

The tuition cost is 215 dollars per credit for in-state students and 333 dollars per credit for out-of-state students. Just like with all other programs included in the list, financial assistance packages are available.

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