The Best Online Schools for Accounting

Let us face it – academic programs aren’t created equal. The experience of the faculty, the resources available to students and the learning methodology all impact the skills and knowledge students get to acquire.

When it comes to online learning opportunities, assessing the reputation of schools becomes even more important. A number of colleges have excellently-developed web courses for the individuals interested in a flexible schedule and the ones that simply can’t attend campus activities.

If you’re interested in pursuing an accounting degree, you should most definitely do a bit of research and figure out which online schools have the best price to quality ratios. Here are some of the opportunities worth exploring.

1. Walden University

Founded in 1970, Walden University has a well-developed online platform. Students can choose among BS and MS in accounting degrees, both of the programs being of sufficiently high quality.

The BS program’s curriculum follows the recommendations of American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Students can choose among two concentrations – general accounting and public accountancy. Some of the courses in these curricula include financial accounting, managerial accounting, auditing and internal controls, accounting information systems, government and non-profit accounting and federal taxation.

Students need to complete 181 credit hours to get their undergraduate degree. The cost of the program is approximately 60,000 dollars.

The graduate accounting program features three specialisation opportunities – accounting for the professional, accounting with CPA emphasis and a self-designed program. Students need to complete 30 credit hours, which brings the tuition fee to slightly over 26,800 dollars. Financial assistance options are available for both undergraduate and graduate students.

2. Liberty University

Anyone who’s looking for quality online undergraduate and graduate learning opportunities should consider Liberty University’s programs. The university has developed a bachelor of science in business administration program with a minor in accounting, as well as two graduate programs in the field of business administration. A master of science in the field of accounting is also available. Choosing one degree program or another will depend entirely on individual career goals and preferences.

The master of science in accounting also comes with CPA exam preparation, facilitating students in completing this important career step.

In terms of tuition fees, Liberty University ’s programs cost 340 dollars per credit hour for undergraduate programs and 520 dollars per credit hour for the graduate programs.

3. Sullivan University

Sullivan University also features online opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students that want to specialise in the field of accounting. The university’s business program is fully-accredited by the International Assembly for College Business Education.

Students can opt for a bachelor of science degree in accounting or a master of science in business administration with emphasis on accounting.

Some of the courses includes in the undergraduate program are principles of accounting, cost accounting, federal taxation, auditing, managerial accounting, principles of conflict management, non-profit accounting and advanced financial accounting. The total number of credit hours needed for the completion of the program is 180. The cost per credit hour is 320 dollars.

Students that opt for the master of business administration program will focus on courses like accounting theory for management decisions, accounting theory for business environments, operations strategy, leadership and team development, marketing strategy and advanced quantitative methods. The credit hour requirements for the completion of the program are 36 credits.

The cost per credit for the graduate program is 545 dollars. Financial assistance options are available.

4. Kaplan University

The final entry in the list of the best online accounting schools is Kaplan University .

Students can choose among BS and MS in accounting degrees. Kaplan is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and the Committee of National Security Systems.

The BS program consists of 180 credits and courses like managerial accounting, federal taxation, business law, organisational behaviour, introduction to management and finance. Students can choose among several fields of specialisation like auditing-forensic accountancy, managerial accountancy, public and tax accountancy.

Each credit in the undergraduate program costs 371 dollars for a total tuition fee of 66,780 dollars.

The master of science in accounting degree features a total number of 52 program credits. Students can once again choose among several fields of specialisation like audit, finance, government and tax specialisations.

The cost per graduate credit is 460 dollars, which brings the tuition fee to approximately 24,000 dollars. Financial assistance options are available.

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