The Highest Starting Salary for Online Accounting Graduates

You’ve just obtained your online degree in accounting from a reputable university, now what? Once you’ve conquered the challenge of obtaining the degree, you’ll have to start thinking about your first job.

Having some idea about the salary to expect as an accounting graduate will simplify the task of going through the options and choosing one employment opportunity or the other. It’s imperative to keep your expectations realistic. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself getting turned down for numerous jobs that could potentially result in a wonderful career.

What do Accounting Graduates Earn?

According to an AccountingWeb report, the starting salary for an accountant in the US in 2014 was 52,900 dollars. The number has gone slightly down from previous editions of the report, not only for accounting professionals but for all students that have just obtained a business administration degree.

In 2013, the starting salary for accounting graduates was 53,300 dollars. Still, the 2014 average remains higher than what inexperienced accountants used to make in 2012 – only 49,700 dollars.

Accounting salaries for beginners in this field have steadily been on the rise. Current market conditions and the number of professionals graduating with the respective degree each year impact the exact amount and cause slight variations from year to year.

How do Beginners Compare to Experienced Accountants?

The median annual accountant salary in the US was 65,080 dollars, the Bureau of Labour Statistics reported.

The best-paid professionals in this field earn an average of 113,740 dollars per year. Some of the best-paid accountants are employed in the fields of contracts intermediation, commodity exchanges and brokerage.

Accountants happen to be much better paid than some other professionals working in the field of finance. Bookkeeping and accounting clerks make 37,520 dollars per year. Financial advisors and financial managers rank among the professionals in this industry that earn more than accountants do.

The Best Paying Accounting Jobs

The salary that an inexperienced accountant is going to earn will depend heavily on the professional field chosen. Certain accounting professionals tend to earn much more than other experts.

Accounting professors (these professionals need to have a PhD in accounting), corporate controllers, information technology accountants, risk and compliance professionals, senior financial analysts and personal financial advisers happen to be some of the best-paid experts in the field of accounting.

If earning a big amount of money is one of your prerequisites for professional satisfaction, you should most definitely consider finding a job in one of those fields.

Encouraging Numbers

The starting salary that accountants get to benefit from is actually one of the highest among all professionals. Many other recent graduates don’t have the same luck.

The average salaries for just a couple of other disciplines are higher than what recent accounting graduates make. These disciplines include engineering (starting salary average of 62.600 dollars) and computer science (59,100 dollars per year).

Tips for Earning a Higher Starting Salary

If you’ve just obtained your online degree in the field of accounting, you may consider several additional steps that will give you an opportunity to earn a higher salary.

For a start, keep in mind that a bachelor’s degree is the absolute minimum for becoming an accountant. It will give you access to a limited number of job opportunities and most of these aren’t going to be exceptionally well-paid. Opting for a graduate degree in the field will open up many additional professional opportunities.

Becoming a CPA is also a great step towards earning more. CPAs have to pass several exams in order to get certified. Many companies are looking for professionals that have the respective certification. These companies are also willing to pay higher amounts to CPAs. Completing the certification process may seem like a cumbersome task but the professional perks you’re going to enjoy in the future will justify the efforts.

Finally, consider moving to another place. Certain cities in the US and Canada are known for having accountant salaries above the national average. According to data, some of the best-paid professionals in the US work in San Francisco (salaries are 31 per cent higher than the national average), Washington (22 per cent), New York (19 per cent) and Houston (13 per cent).

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