Top Six Online Colleges Offering a Free iPad

Technology can simplify the learning process, especially if you’re attending an online college. Having a solid laptop or a tablet will give you that much-needed access to learning materials, lectures and interactive sessions.

If you don’t have the money to invest in such technology, you should consider joining the program of a university that has free iPads and laptops to offer to students. You’ll be surprised by the number of reputable universities that have such options available.

Illinois Institute of Technology

For several years in a raw, the Illinois Institute of Technology has confirmed that individuals joining its undergraduate programs will be given a free iPad.

The institute also has a well-developed online platform that enables students to join its distance learning opportunities. The institute has colleges of engineering, law, architecture, science, design, business, human sciences, applied technologies and several others. More information about the undergraduate programs available online is presented on the institute’s website.

Rochester College

Rochester College students can choose between a MacBook Pro and an iPad. The college was the first one in Michigan to begin giving undergraduate students enrolled in a full-time program access to such technology.

In order to benefit from the opportunity, individuals should be admitted as full-time undergraduate students and transfer 30 or fewer traditional credits to Rochester College . The warranty is issued in the name of the student and the technology doesn’t have to be returned upon the completion of the program.

Rochester College has a range of courses and major programs delivered in an online format. The university is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association.

Long Island University

The full-time undergraduate students (both freshmen and transfer students) at Long Island University will receive an iPad Mini for free. In order to participate in the program, students must maintain a full-time undergraduate status (by taking 12 or more credits per term), make necessary tuition payments on time and provide all of the necessary documents for enrollment and participation in the program.

Long Island University has a range of online programs that students can choose among. The only program that is fully available in an online format is a health information management opportunity. There are hybrid programs that enable students to obtain undergraduate degrees in the fields of adult nurse practitioners, nursing and health information management.

Bethel University

The Bethel University free technology program gives students access to a free iPad that can be used throughout the duration of the academic program. The university’s website doesn’t provide information about whether students get to keep the technology upon graduation – giving the school a call before enrolling and asking the question will be the best way to find out.

When it comes to online learning opportunities, students can choose among several undergraduate programs. By joining the Bethel University online learning opportunity, you can obtain an undergraduate degree in organization management, criminal justice, emergency service management or general studies.

Graduate learning opportunities are available, as well.

George Fox University

At George Fox University , students get to decide whether they would like to receive an iPad or a MacBook. This possibility is also available for the individuals that are enrolled as full-time students in any of the university’s undergraduate programs.

George Fox University has various online programs for students to choose among. There are business programs, education programs and seminary programs that students interested in distance learning can get enrolled in.

West Liberty University

The West Liberty University has a well-developed student laptop program. All full-time freshmen and transfer students get to choose whether they’d like to get a laptop or an iPad that can be used during all academic years.

Since it’s putting emphasis on innovation, West Liberty University has a range of online learning opportunities that students can choose among. Most of the programs available at this university are hybrid – go through the official website to figure out which of the courses are available online and which ones will require campus attendance.

These are some of the best universities that have a free iPad program for their students. If you’re interested in additional options, you can do a bit of online research or call the schools themselves. Keep in mind that several colleges have discontinued their free iPad campaigns in 2015 so make sure that you’re getting access to updated information.

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