Some of the Best Online Colleges to Choose among

The reputation of online education has improved significantly over the past few years. In the dawn of online learning opportunities, many people maintained a high degree of scepticism due to the lack of accreditation. Today, online education is one of the many opportunities provided by some of the biggest and most reputable universities. From arts to … Read more

Top Six Online Colleges Offering a Free Laptop

The perks of attending an online college are numerous – you get to enjoy flexible schedules, studying at your own pace and an opportunity to complete the program of a reputable academic institution that’s located far away. What happens, however, if you don’t have the necessary hardware to enrol in an online program? The answer … Read more

Top Six Online Colleges Offering a Free iPad

Technology can simplify the learning process, especially if you’re attending an online college. Having a solid laptop or a tablet will give you that much-needed access to learning materials, lectures and interactive sessions. If you don’t have the money to invest in such technology, you should consider joining the program of a university that has … Read more

Five Most Affordable Online Colleges

Obtaining college education happens to be so expensive that many recent graduates are stuck returning student loans for years and years. Finding an affordable college is one of the best possibilities for getting the right kind of education without breaking the bank. When it comes to ease, convenience and affordability, online colleges have a lot … Read more

Top Five Online Colleges for Accounting Degrees in 2015

Want to start your accounting career in the best possible way? If so, you’ll need to choose the right degree. Here’s a list of the five best colleges that give students an opportunity to acquire their accounting degree online.   1. Auburn University ’s Online Bachelor in Accounting Program Giving students a mix of affordability, … Read more